If you were given the opportunity to create a live action, animated, or movie universe. Which one would you do? How would you go about it? Where would it start what hero?


Redhood and Arsenal. In the pilot, you will be able to see flash backs of death in the family.

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle(Ted Kord) in The Blue and the Gold. It would be a science fiction/comedy/adventure with the two biggest slackers in the DC Universe.

Oh, so many to choose from. Death in the Family would be really good animated. Gotham City Sirens live action too. I cannot choose one specific one. :frowning:

I am super interested to see what the rest of the Community thinks though. Great thread, @Greenlanterns19053!

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Kindom Come movie in CG to the style of Alex Ross, with brush strokes and all.

I would like an anthology series with elseworlds stories.

Challengers Of The Unknown…multiversally.

Anything but a live action TV series. It’s not a combo that seems to work well for the superhero genre, from the 8 shows I’ve seen. Live action is fine for movies, though.