Images from Swamp Thing Filming Released!

I want to go to there


Nice. They give a Friday The 13th vibe! Which is kinda ironic because of Derek Myers being Jason once and now Swampie


I’m stoked for this!!


@TX85 oh my gosh totally!

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Still having trouble believing it’s true. Never thought I’d see a swamp thing live action show. Especially with the cast they’ve managed to find. Truly remarkable.


This is the 2nd live action Swamp Thing show but still very awesome


Good call, I was thinking about the Wes Craven movie that ran on a loop in my vcr when I was a kid. I forgot they did a series too.

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The original link didn’t work for me. But I found the article:

I bet that water’s freaking cold.

I’m glad that in the description of each of the 47 photos in that article, they mentioned the show would air on DCU and be in production through next summer. Highlighting that once, maybe twice at the most, in the opening of the article and leaving it at that would have been silly. We needed it 47 times.

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I know what you mean but didn’t bother me as I mostly just scrolled through the photos than read all descriptions