I'm wondering when we'll get an image of Cheetah from WW84. Anybody see that "Cats" trailer though?

“Cats” aka how not to visualize human felines.
My personal theory why there was no WW84 panel is they’re still tweaking Cheetah’s appearance. That could mean they’re taking a similar cg approach as Cats, hopefully worlds better.
Or I could be wrong and they did some excellent practical fx makeup they’re not ready to reveal. I’d prefer the makeup route anyday.

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I hope Cheetah looks good. The reaction to the cats in Cats surprised me. They were a little creepy, but I don’t want Cheetah to get that response. I am also in the wanting practical makeup camp. WW84 isn’t going to start its promotional campaign until December according to Patty Jenkins. I don’t think it has to do with Cheetah since they would have settled on her look during pre-production.

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The make up it the movie Cats is done that way to play tribute to the Broadway play Cats.

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 The stage makeup they've used on Cats for however many years isn't off putting though.  
 It would've made sense to just add to the  concept that's worked, upgrade it to a film level with light prosthetics. Maybe enhance some aspects with cg but don't go full Avatar.
 Their bodies are fine relative to the strange middle ground they landed on for the heads.
 It's going to be a rough Monday in the office for them.
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first Sonic…

…then Cats…

It’s like they’re using that secret government brain-stealing radio I was talking about earlier to take all of my nightmares! And turn them into movies! Stay away from those AGLETs.


I find the cg Cats far less distressing than the prosthetic ones. Zoobilee Zoo was my own personal hell as a kid

This is the only way to watch that abominable Cats trailer. Prove me wrong:

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