I'm still crying over the unjust cancelation of Swamp Thing.

Who’s with me?


What was unjust about it?

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Not crying, but certainly disappointed. Ah well, it will save me a few dollars a month and give me more time to read. Still the best rendition of Swamp Thing to date.

I would’ve given up either YJ or Titans to keep Swamp Thing.

Without international deals for distribution ST is. It’s a big green puddle of puss.

Estimated Titans budget is 50 mil, also YJ budget is in the 15 mill range. That still 15mill short of the 80 million ST costs.

No let us ignore that rather than losing money WB is now bring money in to pay for second seasons. So by throwing away Titans and YJ and still having to find 15mill wasn’t bad enough, you now want to walk away drink the money Titans and YJ will fetch. Even if those international streaming contracts are for 1/2 the price $150mil of the cost. You are now talking about taking 95 mill and Nanking a second season of Swamp Thing which will lose another 75+million. Bringing total loses in two seasons of ST at 150 million approximately.

I’m sure if you show up to WB with a 150 mill check, you may get get a second season. If the answer is “don’t have that kinda money.” Well…then you don’t, and won’t have anyway over DCU ORIGINALS as to what they create.

You want ST S2, put your money where your mouth is.


Don’t let them see you Cry my Queen.

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