I'm Really Enjoying Titans, but...

I really enjoyed the first season of Titans, and am equally into the second, but sitting here watching it tonight, I’ve got a couple barriers to total enjoyment:

– The volume balancing needs a lot of work. There’s no DCU app on my Samsung smart tv, so I’m trying to watch it in the bedroom, where my wife is trying to sleep. If I set the volume to an acceptable level for the action scenes, I can’t hear the dialogue in the non-action scenes. If I try to balance it for dialogue, it’s nearly deafening when the action starts. And heaven help us if they intercut dialogue with action (as with Rose fighting the police and the Titans watching on tv).

– The wigs are really terrible. Dawn’s wig looked way too fake last season. Hers has improved a bit this season, but Rose’s (and, to an extent, Rachel’s and Gar’s) look like something out of the Halloween Store bargain bin.

Is it just me?


I definitely agree with the volume problem. Thank goodness for closed captions or this would be almost unwatchable (or should I say “unlistenable”.


I’ve been watching on my tv with ROKU and thankfully haven’t noticed any volume issues. I did notice closed captions popping up periodically through this second episode without me having turned them on though.

Volume is a problem for me as well, on apple tv. Deafening effects sounds when turning it up enough to actually hear the dialog. It isn’t well balanced at all.

Cosplayers are routinely doing a better job at making wigs look real than what we’re seeing in Titans. They are better than last season, but not great.

Yeah volume is ridiculously off, everything I watch is bad, so I probably need a new sound system, but the amount of adjusting I’ve had to do on Titans is way more than usual. I just watch it with closed captioning on.

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