I'm looking for a starting point

What’s a good place for me to start reading so I can be on the same page for the current batman issue?

Probably begin with Rebirth.

I’d start with Grant Morrison’s run which begins in Batman (1940) #655 continue on thru the RIP arc into Final Crisis, the original Batman and Robin, Batman Inc and Flashpoint. Then read all of New 52 Batman, New 52 Batman and Robin and Batman Inc. Finish off with the current Batman series, Detective Comics (thru the end of Tynion’s run) and Rebirth All Star Batman. Also Dark Knights Metal.

If you have no knowledge of Batman, read Detective Comics 471 through 476, in our library.

The Batman book has few arcs with the. Batman Family or Red Hood.

Detective Comics 934 through 981 has a superb run by James Tynion IV, emphasizing Batwoman, Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake, working with Batman.

Batgirl, written by Maighread Scott, issues to 26 through 30, which is current issue, is a great reboot.

Red Hood, Rebirth was very good, until he went solo in issue 26.

Tom King has a specific vision for Batman, which begins in Rebirth. Reading other versions may not be too helpful, and the series is now up to issue 62.

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Start with the current King run. Pretty sure there is a complete story being forged here and things are not what they seem with a Bruce,Dick and Selina.

Hey you should check out the Comic Book Herald website (google that name)

He dedicates his site to answering exactly that question and gives several hopping on points!

Check out this thread, if you’re looking for help getting started with comics: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/comics/my-2-step-guide-to-getting