I'm going to try doing some trivia questions and see if anyone can get them

1 who created doll man for Quality comics bonus points if you can tell me who replaced him when he when he went to war this one’s really obscure he’s also was a friend of mine for many years one who took his

2 what Earth X villain came over 2 Earth 1

3 what were Lana Lang Jimmy Olsen’s Legion superhero nicknames hero

here’s an easy one what Biblical character what’s the Phantom stranger supposed to have been

I’ll let you chew on these for now more to come later

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  1. Doll Man’s a Will Eisner character, right? Don’t know who wrote him afterwards though.

  2. This is a guess, but the only one I think it could be is Overman — though I wouldn’t know where or when that happened.

  3. Insect Queen and Elastic Lad!

  4. He was an angel who refused to take sides in Pre-Flashpoint continuity, but in the New 52 series he was Judas Iscariot.

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Oh! Overman showed up in Final Crisis!

3 for 4 not bad

Over man is not the answer

  1. Overgirl.


Silver Ghost

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