if you're going to post a series....

I was reading Batman: Bruce Wayne Murderer? and Bruce Wayne Fugitive on here. Neither series has the conclusion issue(s) posted.
What? Is the idea that you get interested in the story but if you want to find out what happens you have to search for and buy those issues?
If you’re going to post a series…post the entire series.


They are seeing which ones are more popular. Then they rotate the ones that aren’t popular out.

@robertsarnes67.19052, often there are technical challenges with uploads or information gaps in the database. If you notice gaps in storylines, please let us know issue numbers in the Suggestion Box. I’ll pass along what you’ve noticed here to the higher-ups. Thanks!

There is a checklist in this forum

Author did not indicate there were any gaps.

Main Comic Book Page, can only show some comics in an arc, not all, even show more, is not show all.

Comic books shown on Main Comic Book Page, are most recent. They rotate out to allow even more recent comics to be highlighted. Older comic books sill there, jus not advertise an more.

Once have checklist, use Browse, to see if anything missing