If You Were A New Character In DC Who Would You Be?

If you had the opportunity to be a new hero/villain in DC Comics who would you be? What are your powers? Weapons? Codename (if you have one)? Costume ideas? How are you discovered?

I’ll go first. I’ve always wanted both pyrokinesis and Piper’s powers from Charmed (to slow down or speed up molecules rendering whatever immobile or blow them up). Kinda go hand in hand don’tcha think? My name would be Spitfire which means a person with fierce, explosive temper (which I have). My costume would be like high top sneakers, a SnapBack hat with some cool designed brim like a limited edition Titans cap would be cool, knee pads, fingerless Velcro gloves with like the hard knuckles that the superheroes have, no utility belt as I don’t feel I’d need it, a yellow leather jacket with the sleeves cuffed halfway overtop like a blue Kevlar mesh or whatever these superheroes wear type suit with 3/4 sleeves, and a fire design that comes up the arms like the flames top from DCUO. I would be discovered by the Titans when they save me from some big bad trafficking meta humans. They would take me in and train me, especially Nightwing and Starfire in the use of a staff cuz love Gambit. On a team full of adults and OG sidekicks I’d be like the little brother of the group - the Jubilee if you will. I’m mean I’m 23 now but ■■■■ it I wanna be a teen hero!


Can’t I just be like a writer cameo in a single panel or something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not? :joy::rofl:


Okay. I’ve always wanted to be a speedster. So I’ll go with that.

Codename: Velocity

Origin: Supervillains testing Velocity-9 on unwilling test subjects get stopped by the Flash family. I am one of those test subjects. Thing is, my powers aren’t traditional speedster stuff.

Powers: I can run at Flash-level speeds, however I don’t get any Speed Force benefits due to the artificial origin of my powers. Meaning I can’t time travel, I can’t go to parallel earths, and I can’t siphon speed from other people. However, I make up for this with a new power. I’m able to heal incredibly fast, and I can “share speed” meaning I can divert my energy into wounded people, healing them.

Relationship to Flash family: Barry mentors me but we’re not particularly close, redhead Wally doesn’t like me that much. Modern Wally and I would probably have a sibling like relationship. I’m constantly geeking out over meeting Jay Garrick, which annoys him at times.

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@ScareoLad Velocity I like that. And I love all your relationship info that’s funny! Tbh I’d wanna meet as many heroes as I could. I’m a total geek. But it would likely be bred out of me as Nightwing and Titans are my number 1s so being with them I’d be geeking out every day. I’d get used to it. Me and Raven are both sarcastic and antisocial so we’d be tight. But I already said me and the Titans would be tight. If I met the Batfam oh lord. I would be scrapping with both Damian and Jason. Batman can get it too with his helicopter “parenting” which is really just micro-management cuz he doesn’t think anyone is good enough (except himself). Like ■■■■■ you are not the boss of me. Idk about Kate. We might be cool, we might not be who knows :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:? Me and Cass probably would not be cool but I don’t see us fighting. She’s seems like the type to just not fool with with you if she doesn’t like you so I could deal with that. But Dick, Babs, Tim, and Steph definitely cool. I could see myself being cool with Tim’s Teen Titans and Young Justice. Especially show YJ. Stargirl if she’s anything like the show and defiant comics version of Supergirl too (not too good to actually fight Supergirl from the show :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:). Me and Wonder Woman could definitely be friends cuz I love Greek mythology and I’d want her to teach me everything she knows. Superman is a maybe as long as he has a backbone. Flash and Hal Jordan would crack me up. I’m into witches and magic too so hello JL Dark me and Constantine would be frenemies. Zatanna would be cool. Deadman would be cool. The others I’m not so sure.

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As a DC Universe hero, I think that I would most likely not get metahuman powers, but rather a Blue Lantern power ring. Hal, John, Kyle, Simon, and Jessica could have me on speed dial if they need me to come at a moment’s notice. (Being around Guy would tend to suck the hope out of me.)

For a costume, I’d probably have black Chelsea boots and turtleneck, blue slacks, a blue zip-front jacket with the BL symbol over the left breast, and a motorcycle helmet with adjustable-shade visor.

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That’s really cool :sunglasses: blue lantern corps is my favorite! I mean knowing me I’d probably be basic af and get a green lantern ring since the ring chooses the user, but if it was up to me and there was like a one of those stories where all the dc heroes got rings and went to war I’d definitely choose the blue ring for my character. Blue fire. That’s what I want.

Being “basic” is my #2 reason for going with Blue. I wouldn’t trust me with any of the other colors, where I’d go solo against a bad guy and probably use too much or too little force. As a Blue Lantern, I’d only be any good following one of the above five GLs.
My #1 reason is that I tend to follow the path of undying hope, looking for the best that could happen and seeing the best in everyone I meet. I like to joke that I’m so upbeat that even my blood type is B Positive (which it literally happens to be).

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That’s so cool! I have no idea what my blood type is but would love to find out. My other 2 options are red cuz I have a lot of rage or indigo cuz I have a lot of compassion.