If you had to pick any DC character to die who would it be?

If you had to pick a DC character to die who would you pick? To be clear NOT because you don’t like the character! The reason has to be the impact on others or story (or another good reason).

As a Batman devotee I think Commissioner Gordon ties more of the Bat-Family together than anyone realizes and keeps the GCPD on Batman’s side.

I would have said a specific Batman family member until a more current issue… But this is a spoiler free thread.

Not sure I want to see it but Batman has died, Robin has died (multiple times), Superman has died, Supergirl has died, I think Donna Troy died… Wonder Woman holds a lot together and is overdue…

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Hard question.

I think Superman going crazy and commiting suicide would be an interesting twist that would devestate eveeyone he once impacted.

So that’s my choice.

Or maybe Damien.

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I personally think character death as a narrative device is overplayed. It closes more doors than it opens.

But if I had to kill off a character for dramatic effect, I’d make it Darkseid. And with his death, a host of cosmic horrors rushes in to fill the void.

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@Gibbyhetz and @HubCityQuestion, didn’t they do both of those in “requiem” and “Darkseid War” respectively? Good answers though. I don’t think they did Darkseid’s as well as they could have. @Gibbyhetz that Superman death would be intense!

Yeah, the impact of Darkseid’s death has never really been explored. And at this point it’s tough to find a significant character who hasn’t been killed off for dramatic effect before.

That would be cool.
Has Question been killed? :wink: oh wait… man your right!

Damn…time to think of a valid reason to kill Damian. lol

Jon Kent. It would impact a lot of lives. Not only did his parents miss his entire childhood, but he’s been in space. So what would it do to Supergoof and Lois? Would Lois be driven to depression, begging a speedster to get her son back? Would Superman go all Batman for a while and become dark or would he still be the good son? Maybe both would just go off world and take some time for themselves to mourn?
Also, since nobody stays dead, he would come back via time travel. Like the Legion of Superheroes arrive with a machine that emits hyper-concentrated yellow-solar-radiation and it resurrects Jon. Or maybe Rip points out to Booster, Jon wasn’t supposed to die. So Booster goes back and stops the death somehow.


Wonder Woman would be a good choice I admit. There are a lot of beings that would be effected in some way. Human, meta, alien, and god.

I’m tempted to say Damian because I hate his guts, but what I really want is for him to never have existed in the first place and fade into total obscurity.

Whereas, for the character whose death I think could make the most interesting story, it would have to be someone who we’ve seen plenty of, who could leave an interesting void by their passing, but who might actually stand a reasonable chance of staying dead longer than a year or so. Lex Luthor is the first to come to mind, but he already “died” in the early '90s, so even if he wasn’t dead for real, the narrative consequences of a dead Luthor have already been explored.

Every idea I’ve thought of either already died previously or wouldn’t make for that interesting of a story for one reason or another. I finally came up with Deathstroke, and then looked it up and he actually did die like five minutes ago, so at this point, I’m starting to run out of ideas.


Jon would be a twist! Don’t think they would kill him this close to his creation but that would definitely drive “Supergoof” (love that) over the edge.
Just want to point out some people DO stay dead. Can’t think of any except some origin character deaths like the Waynes and Kryptonians or a few minor characters like Ferro Lad, Penny Plunderer, and Dr. Death but it does happen.

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I can think of a few Teen Titans that haven’t died that could be interesting.

I want Damian Wayne to die a death most brutal.


Luke fox, cant stand the dude.

Captain Marvel-they have never really known what to do with the character and the only time I have been interested in him was when he would battle Supes

BatmanNML, the minor characters staying dead and major ones not I’ve always hated. The minor characters have always been some of my favorites.

But you’re right, they wouldn’t do it because of what’s happening at the moment.

Wait, is Terra dead? Because if not then killing the traitor would make the people that love her regardless of that mourn her and the people who hate her because of it be indifferent or even happy.

There was a time when killing Jay Garrick would have had a massive impact on the DCU. He was a mentor to Wally West and a guardian to Bart Allen, a founding (and current) member of the JSA, and basically grandpa to every hero from Superman to Stargirl. I could see a mid-2000s story where Jay sacrifices himself similarly to the way Barry did in Crisis, and that affecting the current runs of Flash and JSA in a huge way (while being felt in other titles like Teen Titans and Hawkman). Of course, post New 52 and Rebirth, Jay doesn’t hold the same place in the DC Universe today.

As for Damian Wayne, didn’t Morrison kill him off in Batman Incorporated? I never felt like he was intended to stick around, and that Tim was supposed to keep being Robin after Morrison’s arc was done.

  So many characters have died and come back that it's lost all meaning.  I'd like to get rid of Damian, preferably by him never having existed, but he's died before (and wasn't originally intended to be an ongoing character in the first place), and I knew that he'd be back soon.  It was so odd, watching the fans I'm always kind of surprised he has getting upset over it.  Didn't they realize he'd be back soon?  That this was a rating stunt and not for keeps?  
  If it's a question of whose death opens up the most opportunities for storytelling, I'd have to agree that it's Darkseid, with chaos ensuing when multiple parties try to fill the power vacuum left in his absence.  Although that's been done before, too.

Kill Bruce we need a new person to take the mantle and not temporarily like Bruce needs to hang up that cape

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