If You Had Control of Batman Cannon...

I would make him marry Selina Kyle before he meets Terry McGinnis, then she somehow dies/disappears after having Helena Wayne (Yes, I would have her become official cannon). I think it would be awesome to give Damian a little sister. Kind of like a Batgirl and Robin relationship (but with no romance). I think it would be cool. Then I would also have Harley become an anti-hero. Dick and Babs would end up together. We would also get an official end to how the Joker “dies” between now and Batman Beyond.
Anyway, what would you do if you had control of Batman or any of the other Big Three’s cannon stories?


Editorially speaking, I’d trim the Batman line down to:

-Detective Comics
-Red Hood: Outlaw
-an anthology title that the other Batfamily characters would appear in on a rotating basis

Batman fan I am, his line is a bit big and unwieldy ATM (and yes, I get why his line has so many titles :slight_smile: ).

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-Strip down the Bat-family. 2-3 members tops.
-Instead if expanding the world through sidekicks, I’d focus more on developing everyday people of Gotham. Example: A homeless man Batman uses as an informant or detectives like Rene, Bullock, Driver, etc.
-Focus on more grounded, pulpy, crime stories.
-Gadgets would be more simple and grounded. No robo-bat-suits, for example.
-I’d even consider changing the time-period. Maybe pre WWII or Cold War Era.

As far as series go, the main thing I’d do is get Ed Brubaker to bring back Gotham Central.

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I don’t think I would have built up to the Bat/Cat wedding, but after devoting so much to it only to have a character skip town was a let down me. However, the story doesn’t seem to be over yet, which also suprised me.

I love the idea of a Bat-family book. Throwback to the 1970s series! :slight_smile: Depending on the frequency and format of Bat-family, other related titles could be pulled into the book or remain separate. I’m fine with keeping Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood as solo books (with all of them still participating in various Bat-fam book teamups). The books I’d trim are Batman books outside of Batman and Detective Comics (‘Batman and’ type books).

Oh, Nightwing would be Dick Grayson again with all his memories restored. I like Dick/Babs, so they’d have more adventures together.


This is the problem with comic books instead of books. I’d like Catwoman and Batman to be together, and I’d also like for Dick and Babs to be together. The problem is that comic books don’t ever really end, so that’s why nobody ever seems to get married and stay married. The only example from the big 2 that I can think of that has had a family and stayed married for a long time is the Richards family from Fantastic Four. We all want everybody to have a happy ending, but because of the never ending nature of comic books that can never really happen.


Dick and Barbara get married
Bruce and Selina get married
Old man Damian is the one to train Terry Mcginnis


The books would be like this


Detective Comics (more of a Bat Family book)

Nightwing and Batgirl (one book of them together)

Red Hood and the Outsiders (I think it would be a interesting idea)

Batman Beyond


They had a Superman and Wonder Woman book, so I agree that they should have a Nightwing and Batgirl book.


The entire Batman Family falls into a black hole and the defense of Gotham is left in the hands of Bruce and Alfred.


All DC continuity needs extreme streamlined editing. Too many Robin’s. Superman doesn’t need extra New improved powers. Too many silly named random characters. Gone. Fr, DC should be downsized. & Uh oh… No more 10,000 various powered characters just because DC owns those characters. All New Final Crisis 2020.


Move it back to pre-New 52. Right around the HUSH period. The Bat-Family is there, but more arms distance. There is a relationship/partnership brewing between Batman and Catwoman (don’t marry them off though). Barbara stays as Oracle. Tim as Robin. And no Damien. Things I’d keep from Rebirth: Cassandra as Orphan and Stephanie Brown as Spoiler. No Batgirl.


Detective Comics will have storylines that more closely coincide or crossover with the other DC titles. To go along with its 1000+ issue legacy

The Batman title will be more accessible to new readers. Each storyline will be somewhat independent, with everything still happening in continuity but less serialized. Similar to Batman: Confidential or Legends of The Dark Knight

(Note: I would do the same with Action Comics and Superman as well.)

A Batman cannon? Man, I’d be firing those suckers left and right. A “Wham!” here, and an “Old Chum” there. There’d be no Robins with my cannon. It’d be pure, gritty, action packed cannon balls all over the place!

Oh, you meant canon. My bad.


I wouldn’t have Dick Grayson get shot In the head


Barbara Gordon would be Oracle again, Cassandra Cain would be Batgirl, and I’d do everything within my power to get Judd Winick back to writing Red Hood.

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I’d make the Joker funny again.


Lol @harley. I didn’t realize.

I would have Joker shoot Commisioner Gordon instead of Barbara in The Killing Joke. I’d have Barbara get pregnant by Bruce and they’d get married

Years later… Catwoman would become the new villain, kill Pengy and takeover his resources, she’d do anything to kill the Bat and his wife due to harboring bitterness and anger. Barbara would become Mother Bat and the kid would eventually become Jimmy Dick Wayne… or Jr. Dick for short. He’d become the newest member of the Batfam, Baby Robin.


I would have Batman and the Joker stop pulling pigtails on the playground and embrace their true feelings for each other.