If you got to rewrite the DCEU, how would you do it?

DCEU rewrites.

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Release the Snyder Cut, instead of Josstice League.


Release the solo movies first and then build up to justice league the same formula as marvel


First of all I am not trying to be overly critical. Man of steel is the first superman movie that I have ever liked. Then I saw dawn of justice the ultimate edition and was blown away. Then came wonder woman. Another cinematic masterpiece. These 3 films together are amazing. I saw all the promotional posters for Aquaman. I had not been this excited for a movie since 5th grade when Tim Burton released his dark version of Batman. Then came the big team up. The justice league. Well that was disappointing to say the least. All this wonderful darkness waisted. I will watch Aquaman it will probably be good. But my buck stops there. They will either have to re boot or release the Snyder cut of justice league. If I could rewrite the DCEU I would hire Zack Snyder. Then I would give him time off to mourn the loss of his daughter. Then back to work on justice league, flashpoint, and the cyborg movie. Aquaman would have been finished and released.


I wouldn’t even have a Cinematic Universe. Comics are best suited for TV show format in my opinion. I would do what the CW did, but not as Cringey. These would be the first five shows.

Wonder Woman.

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Have more origin films BEFORE Justice League.

First off I would like to say that B v S is my favorite super hero movie of all time. I would change the Martha scene from what it is now to this:

So Batman has superman down on the ground. I would have had Lois lane enter the building just a few seconds earlier. As Batman brings up the spear. Lois throws herself down covering superman screaming. “No. Don’t kill him!” Batman screams back “move!” And brings the spear up to strike. she can tell that he is lost in his rage and is willing to kill them both when she screams “They are going to kill his mother!” Batman in shock staggers back realizing. this… alien…this… thing… this man has a mother and people who love him. Love him enough to die for him. Throws the spear.

Movie picks up as it was made. That is the only change I would make to this movie. Now my reason for this change is 1 remove Martha from the dialogue. And 2 Lois can finally save superman. Between man of steel and B v S I think superman saves her 6 times. She can save him once.
Just that and of course. Say it with me. The Snyder cut of justice league. Aside from that. from man of steel to Aquaman I wouldn’t change anything.
Let me know what ya think.

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Man of steel: More world building and no killing Zod

Batman movie: killing joke+death in the family+Joker

Wonder Woman movie:It’s a great film, just change the “hugging it out” ending

Batman/Superman Worlds Finest: kinda like Batman V Superman. But they fight earlier in the film. They form a team against Bizarro and…my changes are small and large. Too much to write for a thread

Aquaman: haven’t seen the movie yet, but our day movie here

Green Lantern: a buddy cop movie where Hal Jordan and John Stewart is already established as as green lanterns an have to prevent the Rann/Thanagar war, ending with Sinestro being unveiled as the mastermind behind it. Jordan is devastated that is mentor was the mastermind and head back to earth after years away

The Flash: Basic origin story. He goes up against the rouges.

Justice league: Main bad guy is Brainiac.

That’s all I got. Still a rough idea, but I have other ideas


@mrmarooned how would you avoid killing zod? What would you do with him? I mean we can’t keep him here and we can’t send him to the phantom zone. I like your ideas but I really don’t see an alternative.

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@Dr.Doom, you’re right, in Man of Steel, Superman was forced into a situation where he had no other choice. But critics who demand that he shouldn’t have killed Zod aren’t really offering any real alternatives. They’re just saying he shouldn’t have been put into that situation to begin with, which is, frankly, a lazy way of thinking about it. It’s like they don’t want their heroes to be challenged. They probably prefer all those Marvel movies where the villain just conveniently blows himself up at the end, so the hero never has to make the tough choice of whether to kill him.


People seem to forget zod was killed in Superman 2. Superman drains the yellow sun radiation from the villains. Non kills himself when he tries to fly, but falls down the pit. Lois pinches Ursa to her doom. And Superman CRUSHES Zod’s hand, picks him up, throws him, bouncing him off the wall and down the pit with the rest of him. Superman and Lois Show absolutely NO REMORSE, unlike Superman in MOS.


How would I change the DCEU? Hmm. First off, I’d use the actors from the shows. They’ve built an audience already, why not take advantage of it? You can use the shows to build up secondary characters, while keeping the big dogs to the movies.
The Multiverse and Dopplegangers have been introduced in the shows, so the actors don’t even need to be the same versions. But I’d keep them as the same universe. The shows can be treated as the solo comics to the team books. They’re separate, but connected.

Use the right tone for the right films. They all don’t need to be dark and gloomy. Let the characters smile occasionally!

Find someone to be in charge of the whole project and keep WB out of it as much as possible! Every DCEU film, except Wonder Woman, has heavy studio interference. The studio forced changes while the films were DEEP into production. WB is their own worse enemy.

And let directors release the best versions of their films! Although not a masterpiece, Batman vs Superman’s extended cut was a much better film than the film released in the theaters.
If there is a “Snyder cut” of JL (which I honestly don’t believe there is) release it. What can it hurt?
However, don’t hire people who totally want to change the characters. Stay true to the characters.

That’s about it.

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Oh! And do a Batman movie with the Batman family involved!


I would prefer Zod to stay alive not cause I have a problem with Superman Killing, but for the second Superman film: Man of Tommorow, I wanted to do a “New Krypton”/“Superman/Batman:The supergirl from Krypton” inspired story with supergirl and Zod as the stand in for Darkseid(It makes more sense that supergirl would be his right hand girl as he was a high ranking general and friend of Jor-El. And in man of steel I thought Superman could just punch Zod really hard and knock him out(We’ve seen it done before). Wanted the Government to hold him and test on him to see what Superman’s weaknesses are. Like Lex Corp or Argus. That way when she sees one of their own being tested on she immediately has sympathy and blames Kal for turn a blind eye and see on of their own tested on like that.

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@mrmarooned okay so super man would then have to battle super girl and Zod? That is an awesome premise. I’m trying to picture it in my mind. And your right that would be so epic. cool way to bring in super girl. I would have loved to see her in the black outfit with zods emblem. Way cool idea man. I would pay to see that. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Also I just wanted to point it that Man of Steel had the perfect set up for a lot of the DC Universe but I feel like the higher ups don’t see it. A one off line of Jor-El


Also I just wanted to point it that Man of Steel had the perfect set up for a lot of the DC Universe but I feel like the higher ups don’t see it. A one off line of Jor-El x

Oops. Didn’t finish that post

What I meant to say was: When Jor-El was taking to the kryptonian council they could have added “After Braniac’s attack our resources were exhausted! What would you have us do!” Boom, Braniac set up
Also the Kryptonian ship that crashed in the ice, AI Jor-El could have just said the ship was called “The Solitude” one of the largest and most advanced Kryptonian ships meant for deepspace exploration. The word “Solitude” totally works.
The Genisis chamber inside could have been huge too. Do to its ability to take DNA as a blueprint(The Codex), once the ship was under Govt control they could have put it under private contractors to do research on the technology. Cadmus and Lex Corp. The Genesis chamber could have laid the ground work for Cloning, Setting up both Bizarro and Superboy, and maybe even part machine and part biological, setting up Eradicator and Cyborg-Superman.
Lastly all the robots that where in the ship. Yeah they had guards, but if it’s a exploration ship then maybe they have more humanoid robots, or just redesign the security drone that was there. That sets up not only eradicator and cyborg-Superman, but also Superman’s helped robots, and any other technological advancement in cybernetics. So robot arms, robot legs, cough cough metallo cough cough, are set up as well.
Also Supergirl, but we know that already.
Best of all, the suit changes. They hinted at this in a DELETED scene of Justice League, but the fact that superman has his radiation suit, his black suit, and every other version or variation of his suit in storage is because the ship was full of members of the House of El.
The red sun…why didn’t anyone change that? Was it over looked? Or they changed it on purpose?
Maybe when he’s in the ship and Jor-El is showing him the history of the house of El and Krypton maybe you get a quick glimpse of Daxam next to Krypton or something, you know to set up the Daxamites.
Could have also set up the Green lanterns buy someone saying on Krypton “If our planet was in danger Tomar Re would have been sent by the Guardians already” or something like that.
Little things that don’t change the course of the film or draw away from the story would have been amazing. Just off handed comments and visual hints or reminisces of upcoming themes or characters

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Wow…Ya…you just set up a whole ton of space shows, krypton, green lantern corps, super girl, superman 2, bunch of other stuff I don’t even know what it is but I’m sure would have looked cool on screen. WOW. OK I’m impressed WB should hire you as a consultant. Just pay you to read comics and tell them what it all means and how it works. Nicely done man

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