If you could write your own comic, who would it feature?

You can have as many people as you want


Assuming you mean in the DC Universe, one idea I had is that for all the Batman content out there, one odd hole is that we’ve never had a series dedicated to the story of his traveling around the world and training. I’m thinking a mix of the usual suspects we see in flashback (John and Zatanna Zatara, Henri Ducard, maybe Wildcat, and so on) and new characters. Like, where did Bruce learn forensic science? Who taught him that disappearing trick? And the through-line would be his transformation from an angry teenager to the spooky crimebusting superhero we know and love.

I could also see it as the first season of a Batman TV show, but he would have to be fully batsuited by the season finale, like in Daredevil.


I’d probably do a comic based on my own character the Golden Dragon. I created him for the Wizard JLA special contest . (the winner would have their creation appear in an issue of JLA)
Unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator so I never sent in the submission.
Actually…that may have been a blessing in disguise as the winning entry was killed off in five seconds by Prometheus!

At any rate, I started building up a whole team around GD and have created each member as an Alt in DC Universe Online. So If I had a chance to put these characters in an actual comic… I’d be all over that!


Grown up Damian and Jon.


I have a weird idea for a comic centered around Steve Lombard.


@JeepersItsTheJamags, that sounds amazing. I would totally read that.

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DC? Something to do with Agent Chase. I love her character and her solo series. If I could use any characters, however, I’d write a series starring Jimmy Woo and Phil Coulson that’s just a series of one-shots of them fighting off crazy cosmic MU threats.

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The Batman Adventures returns, this comic would be back with Batman the animated series style. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d like to do a Bat-family run. Just a bunch of random stories from the Waynes (and Gordons and Kanes and whatnot). I got tons of fun ideas in the ol’ noggin’ and it just sounds like fun without the pressure of working on a Batman or Detective run.


The all new justice league. Nightwing super girl wonder girl kid flash and Kyle Rainer fighting bad guys


I’m too all over the place. I can guarantee it would be female loaded. I’ll throw a few out & my list could change every time this question was asked. I’d have Zatanna & Huntress (Bertinelli), WW, Cheshire, Ivy, Starfire, Raven, Silk Spectre II, Phantom Lady & Girl, Fire & Ice, Talia al Ghul, Power Girl, Babs in any form, Supergirl, Lady Shiva, Stargirl, all the Female Furries. Stop there for now. Oops Roulette snuck in, how dare she?

Elongated Man, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, The Atom, Jack Knight, Black Canary, Supergirl, and Doctor Fate.

I’m a huge Golden Age fan. I’d like to do the All-Star Squadron now that Fawcett is totally owned by DC. Also, use the Adventurers Club name for some of those non-costumed heroes like Cotton Carver, Pep Morgan and other non supers and integrate them more fully into DC canon. Maybe do crossovers with Tom Strong or some of the ABC characters. In other words, use all of DC’s GA and GA retconned characters in one cohesive universe set in the 40s.

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Just finished all the Tom Strongs & a ton of abc per recommendation of @dogwelder9. I loved em all. Cobweb, Tesla, Greyshirt, Splash Brannigan, Princess Panther, Promethea, all the Tomorrow Stories etc. Top 10 was excellent too. Want more top 10.

Booster gold, Jonah hex, lobo,

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Lady Shiva and the Female Furies.

I’d like to bring Guy Gardner back to struggling as a flawed human being. I don’t like his meat-head cop routine. Originally, he had anger issues because of deep rooted emotional issues, but now, he’s angry because… well, he’s just angry.


I’d like to bring back Vic Sage as The Question. With heavy absurdist tones. So primarily keeping the philosophical ideas that Denny O’Neil brought but also adding more of the character from Justice League Unlimited. Because honestly what Denny O’Neil did was timeless. It stays relevant. And the Justice League Unlimited character was just fun, but also went to some dark corners. It would combining the things I love.