If you could squeeze yourself into one hero/villain costume...

I’ve recently started focusing more on getting shape. I’d like to go to a con sometime in the next few years and I’d love to cosplay as a DC character. Personally, I wouldn’t mind slipping into a Nightwing suit. What about the rest of you?

P.S. this thread is in no way an attempt to body shame anyone. You’re all beautiful the way you are.


I think I would be a pretty hot Harley. Obviously jester costume not Suicide Squad costume. :stuck_out_tongue:


Batman. I have yet to dress up as him because I’m kind of a perfectionist in the sense that I won’t do it unless it looks dang good. If people see me as Batman I want them to believe it could be Batman. I’ll get there, don’t worry.


I did Nightwing for a costume party, though it was skin tight from a Chinese company that actually specializes in Spidey suits. I’m thinking of doing Spiderman next, but I have a soft spot for Green Arrow, CW version, as I’m the same size as Steven Amell (without the abs).


My usual cosplay go to: jeans and black t-shirt Superboy.


@BatCam, dressed like a bat…I dig it.


@ Truth_of_Pisces

I can talk to fish too… they just don’t talk back.


The original Hal Jordan Green Lantern, before the Oa stuff.


I’ve always thought the Frank Gorshin “?” Suit from Batman 66 would be great. Beyond that, Darkseid would be awesome, but the makeup would be insane and all the prosthetic pieces to be made for it, to cost prohibitive.

Although my greatest success is to go as Winged Victory’s backside. Enough people think I’m a horse’s ass in general, so it’s easy and I don’t actually need a costume.


I am not the correct measurements at all, but I’ve always envied the traditional Joker costume. So much class. So much clown.

I think the only one I could “squeeze” myself into would be section 8s Six Pack

I’ve always wanted to try Static’s costume from the old cartoon. Of course, Batman’s and Nightwing’s are really good too.

I’ve never crossdressed before, but if I did, I’d want to try Ms. Marvel’s suit because I love its design. And while I’m at it with Marvel, I love DareDevil’s as well.

If i can pick any superhero it would be daredevil costume i love the design and everything if its strictly a dc hero it would be the green lantern

Bane, with venom pumping in my veins and all.

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