IF you could pick ONE MARVEL COMICS charater to join DC COMICS who would it be??

Yes…any marvel character and why? How would this character fit in and what established DC CHARACTER would you have this inductee from Marvel be “pal” around with OR face-off against?

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Spiderman. I feel like his stories and villains feel more like DC then Marvel. Spiderman would fit perfectly with the DC universe. I also feel spiderman would have better character interactions with the characters of DC then with the characters of Marvel.


I agree with Spider-man. He would be cool to see in the Justice League, too.

I don’t know how well he would fit but my favorite marvel character is wolverine. I would love to see Wolverine in the DC universe.

I would love to see silver surfer in the DC universe!! I think he be a nice fit with the green lantern stories!!

Captain America! And he would be best pals with Green Lantern Alan Scott. I think they would have a lot in common - Both have that “Greatest Generation” vibe, morals, work ethic and mind set.

A chaotic evil like Dr. Doom

Spider-Man would be my pick too. Second pick would be Doctor Octopus. I think he’s too smart to be in Marvel

Doctor Strange. He’d probably be friends with a few characters; Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Shazam the wizard come to mind first.

Spider-Man. I feel he actually fits better in DC comics.

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Daredevil and he would fit in perfect in Gotham fighting against the mafia and crime bosses. You would also have to bring some of his supporting characters and rouges over too most notably Kingpin, he would become one of the top bosses in Gotham. Daredevil would not work directly with Batman or the Batman family but would occasionally cross paths and maybe aid each other.


1st choice: Adam Warlock
2nd choice: Blade
3rd choice: Nova

Stan Lee Cameos to see what a real comic verse looks like

I’d like to see Black Panther and Cyborg hang out and “talk tech”. And since Wonder Woman and Thor come from mythological backgrounds, I’d like to see them fight each other.

I know this is typical but I have to go with Spider-Man! He sells the most merchandise and would make DC stronger lol not to mention he’s one of the greatest super heroes of all time