If you could make a DC movie would it be about and what’s the title


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Justice league dark flim have a trilogy of them

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Probably something with Superman. Or the Justice League. Ideally, either movie (or better, both of them) is so involving and pulls you into the story so effectively that you forget you’re watching a movie and you feel like you are in that world and happy to be in it.

The movie(s) should have an interesting story that is populated with interesting and well thought out characters, emotional moments, and coupled with action sequences that add to the story and also keep the viewer sufficiently engaged. The music should be suitably tailored to every minute of what’s on screen.

Of course there should be a moment where the hero or heroes achieve a seismic victory to where everyone in the sold out theater is so immersed in the lead up to that moment and the eventual moment itself that triumphant roars of approval cascade through the auditorium. Think the Atlantean audiences during the Ring of Fire in Aquaman, except on the other side of the screen.

Conclude the story with a satisfactory conclusion to where audiences want the continuation of that story as soon as humanly possible.

It’s far easier written and said than done of course, there’s no question about it. That said, the above would be my guidelines if I have the chance to pen a DC movie.


A Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team up movie

A proper Mad Love movie, the actual story without watering down the violence.

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The Penguin. A movie that is about his origins. :penguin::slightly_smiling_face:

It would be about Static but 5 years into being a hero so he would be in college and forced to put back on the suit and fight bad guys. I would call it Static: Rebirth of the Kool like the mini series

Death: The High Cost of Living


I would like to do a Spectre film. Or a live action adaptation of Mask of the Phantasm

Definitely a horror themed Batman film with Sacrecrow as the villain. I hated his depiction in the Nolan films, he did not ellicit a sense of fear at all . Deep shadows, lots of rain, a more neo gothic Gotham City. I would call it Shadow of the Bat.
But I would love a Batman film titled the Caped Crusader and it showcase more of Batman’s detective side. So a noir style, with a classic 1940’s Hollywood glamour. Maybe have Catwoman as the villain.

I would do a green lantern film where there is a war between all the lantern corps and Hal and John have to stop it it would be called green lantern : war of space

One with killer frost or one based off the harley quinn comics sk even those extra heroes and villains in her series get their screen debut