if you could live in any City in the DC Universe which one would you live in



Metropolis. Or a city on Themyscira.


Jump City

I’m seconding Atlantis!


Central City seems comparatively calm and pleasant most of the time (for a superhero town, anyway), though with all the time travel shenanigans surrounding it, there’s a decent chance you’d get erased from history at some point. Post-reconstruction Coast City would be nice. With the underpopulation, it would be pretty cheap, and they probably wouldn’t blow the whole thing up a second time. Of course, there’s also Super City on New Genesis. That would have to be pretty solid. Fawcett City could be nice, but it’s got the Metropolis problem where there’s some kind of quirky overpowered supervillain launching an earth-shattering plot every five minutes. Not that that’s not true for Central or Coast City, but Central City’s biggest villains are the Rogues, who are pretty nonviolent as supervillains go, and half of Green Lantern’s destructive supervillain battles are in space, so you’d get spared a lot of the hassle. Plus, the quirky supervillains in Metropolis and Fawcett have powers that let them match Superman and Captain Marvel, who are even heavier hitters than the Flash or Green Lantern, and so require nastier villains.

I’m really overthinking this, aren’t I? I think Coast City is my final answer, though, with Central as a close second.


If not for the Starro invasions I would say Blue Valley.

Metropolis, Atlantis and Central City would all be great. Pretty much anywhere but Gotham.


Opal City seems so cool to me. Starman is cool, the Shade is very cool. If just a bit of the cool of the town would rub off on me then I would cool too.

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Gotham City.

While technically a unitarian sovereign city-state, I’d pick Themyscira. Could be a lot of fun if all went well. (not touching the ground would be hard though) Great views.

Keystone. A working class city so it’s more affordable, but right across the river from Central City for more high tech and white collar jobs. Plus the twin cities villains tend to care more about robbing a bank than destroying the world.

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Gotham City

Anywhere but Gotham and Metropolis, way too much world ending stuff in those two

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National City. I get the feeling that it’s supposed to be in California. I’d like that.

Sure there’s the occasional tsunami and mass mind control, but Noonan’s and Potstickers are kind of on my bucket list, and I heard that Big Belly Burger was opening a new location there too.

NOT Gotham! I don’t like my odds in that city.
Hmm… maybe Hub City or Fawcett? Low chance of being tortured to death, capable superheroes, and good scenery.