If you could have any superpower what would it NOT be?

If your anything like me you’ve heard the question a thousand times, answered it a thousand one times. “If you could have any super power what would it be?” Well now the REAL questions are being asked! If you could have any super power what wouldn’t you have? Name the power AND a character that has that power and why you wouldn’t have it if it was free.
(P.S. The only logical answer for any nerd to the original question is reality manipulation from a sub quark/lepton to a macro multiverse scale…)


For me, X-Ray vision. ‘Why?’ you ask because that is not how X-rays work. Every time I see the original Superman and he X-rays Lois to see her lung cancer from the cigar I laugh to myself. ‘Sure, blast her with radiation so you can see her cancer!’ Also you wouldn’t actually be able to see unless you ran behind what you were looking at with a … you know just watch The Science of Superman on the app it explains it.
Also those powers where you lose control of yourself (Creeper, Jolly Green Giant(you know who I mean), Specter, etc).

I just finished reading Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT, and I definitely do NOT want telepathy anymore. Awesome on paper? Sure. I just really don’t want a Henry Lyme situation.

Pause time when ever I want too.

I don’t know what power Duke Thomas has, but it seems WAY to complicated for my liking.

I’m going to go with the ability to read minds. I’d feel really weird ever using it.

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Mind reading is unpopular… I never really considered all the implications. By the way, you are thinking of the number 52. No? Well you should be.

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Matter Eater Lad. I don’t even WANT to eat everything.


Seconding the mind reading thing. I wouldn’t have the willpower to resist using it in certain situations, and I’m sure I wouldn’t always like what I find.

Super hearing. Somehow having ears that sensitive to sound seem like a bad idea.

Super smell. Sure, you can smell nice stuff, sniff out bad guys… but what about gross smells, eh? :nauseated_face: No thanks.

Invisibility-seems that mostly this power would be used to supwr Snoop and I made others’ privacy

Man, I’m surprised at the anti-mind reading sentiment. Like, maybe if you couldn’t turn it off or tune out thoughts you’re not interested in I wouldn’t want it, but I don’t see how it would hurt to have the power.

In fact, the only ones that spring to mind that I wouldn’t want on a selfish basis are ones that aren’t so much superpowers as drawbacks on otherwise-useful abilities: mind-reading that you can’t turn off, Hulking out with no self-control, a healing factor that makes your skin all gross like Deadpool, etc. However, I have ethical concerns about excessive power concentrated in one person’s hands. So, I wouldn’t trust myself (or anyone, really) with, say, the Spectre’s power. So actually, reality warping is not my answer to the original question. I’ll stand by mind reading since I think I could use that more responsibly.

Lobo’s immortality.

Sure longevity would be awesome, but NEVER dying from anything has got to be the suckiest. At the cold death of the universe, you’d still be around going mad.

looks over at Stone Boy, who’s a fixture in the DCU garden


Anyone got a hose? He needs a good spray down.

Bat shark repellent power

Actually I take that back
Bottom of shoe power

Arm fall off power.

Super Flatulence