if you could have any Comic title made into a live action story arc tv show or movie...

SPOILER…if u haven’t read the New 52 story arc death of the family…u should skip this post Mine would be Batman: Death of The Family… starting with the detective comics with Dollmaker cutting off joker’s face etc and all the time ins …granted it’d probably have to be a long running series( a LOTR, Harry Potter type thing) where it’s several.movies all culminating with the big finish) if it were a movie but man how much fun would that be??? How bout y’all??


Definitely the joker’s asylum stories.

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George Perez wonder Woman
Grant Morrison doom patrol
Superman secret identity
Red son
Cosmic odyssey
Earth one universe
The trinity war
Forever Evil
Darkseid war

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Personally, I think Batman: Under the Red Hood would be great!

Flash point would be a great movie

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Court of owls or Nightwing year 1

Gotham Academy would be a good tv show in my opinion and it could be DC’s answer to Marvels Runaways.

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Identity Crisis
Kingdom Come
A Death in The Family
Death of The Family

And 52 would be a fun animated series, just to get the island of mad scientists stories.

Dark Nights Metal as a cartoon.

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Aquaman, the trench. I feel like this is an AMAZING starting point for aquaman reading and it would make a great 1st movie plot.

Kingdom come

Ditko’s Beware the Creeper would make a good TV Mini series. Same with the original Deadman run, and the 4th World saga. For movies I dunno, maybe OMAC. The WORLD THAT’S COMING is so out there I’d love to see them try to make some of it. It might be a reach, but I’d probably watch a Brother Power the Geek movie too, as long as it was a period piece.

A comic accurate Batman: Year One, Kingdom Come, Grant Morrison’s JLA/White Martians arc and Superman/Panic in the Sky.

Would love a big screen live action movie with either the Justice Society or the Freedom Fighters. A WW2 adventure would be a great opportunity to bring these great golden age characters to life that entertains in the same way Captain America (and Raiders of the Lost Ark did before it) did so well. But with a team of super heroes.

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Live action movies:

-Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday
-Superman Unchained
-Who is Wonder Woman?
-The Sinestro Corps War

Earth 2 society

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INJUSTICE. SUPERMAN going apeshit on the world would be epic

Ex Machina would make for a cool tv show.

tv shows would have to be starman by robinson, the invisibles by morrison, the spectre, the question by dennis o neil, and a jsa show. movies i would love would be 7 soldiers of victory, green arrow based off of mike grells run, booster gold, and kingdom come.

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