If you could have a comic series adapted in it's entirety, which one would it be?

Ok… so I think a fun hypothetical.

DC and Warner Brothers have given you the choice of a comic book series to adapt into a tv show, live action of animated your choice. (don’t ask me why you get this honor… clearly you have some incriminating photos of someone).

But the “catch” is, it has to be something that was published as an ongoing series. Not a mini-series, and they will adapt the entire run. Each issue is one episode and it will adapt for however many episodes there are issues of that series. (again… you go some REAL incriminating photos here).

The good and the bad, no picking and choosing, if it had a bad run for 30 issues, they are adapting that into 30 episodes. If the book limped along to a bad ending in it’s final few years, that is the episodes said show will end on.

So with this in mind… what comic series will get this adaption. Again can be animated or live action, whatever you think works for it. And can be adapted to fit the time and medium as needed but still will basically be the same stories.

My choice is the Peter David Supergirl series. I just love the series, and think it would do great and has some great stories that still read well today and was mostly consistently well done throughout it’s run.

Was going to say Justice League International, but by my own rules once they stopped adapting the Giffen era of issues and especially after Superman left the show would REALLY drop in quality and produce a long string of very lackluster episodes.

So anyone else got one?


This is the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. The answer is 52.


Peter Davids run is a great choice. I would probably make the same choice given the parameters.

What I want most is a New Krypton adaption, but that was a bunch of series so it’s out.


Superman/Batman in animation.

Runner-up: The Authority, also in animation.


I gotta go with live action of Batman Beyond. :grinning:


Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing - All. Of. It.

The Swamp Thing series we got was good, but it was not a full adaptation of Moore’s Swamp Thing. I want everything from Moore’s run: Deadman, Constantine, Batman, the evil Fly, Zatanna, the Spectre, …


I want the justice league international run in all its silly fun and yet deep and tragic giffen glory. That series, oh man. Yea.

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I would go with all of Neil Gaimans Sandman in animation.


Either live action or animated works for me.
Deathstroke Rebirth

Detective Rebirth