If you could change one thing about Superman...?

If you could change one thing about Superman in the current comic books, what it would be, and why?

Take Bendis off the book and put tomassi on superman for another 50 issues. I’m ok with Bendis superman stuff more than most people but I can’t help but wonder how much better it would be if Tomassi and Gleason got that 100 issue run those two were originally promised. I kinda wish thddy would of given Bendis Action or his own superman vanity project and let Pat Gleason or Tomassi do action, that Superman rebirth was my favorite run on the character ever.


Yes, return Superman to the more than capable hands of Tomassi, Gleason AND Jurgens! Bendis is a fine writer but he’s not right for Superman. His episodic, drawn-out storylines are best served in team books where multiple characters and subplots command lengthy runs to bring a story to fruition. Superman works best in short arcs and even one-offs. He lives in a frenetic world of daring rescues and–until recently–familial ups and downs. The last two years of Superman stories were the best since the glory days of the late 80’s and 90’s. Bring back the loving and supportive Kent family, keep the brooding and alienation in Gotham.


Bendis is a great writer, and he brought attention to the Superman books which is always good… but Jurgens really did know how to write Superman… and taking him off all the titles was I feel a mistake. The Cyborg Superman should not be battling the Green Lanterns… He and Jurgens should be in the Superman comics run.