If YOU could be on DC DAILY, gentle community member--

What cast member would you want to be interviewed by? And what comics love would you want to talk about? And if the roles were reversed, who would you want to interview about their love of comics?


@MisfitMarvel, this is such a fun question! I would LOVE to be on DC Daily and could see myself conversing with either Clarke or Amy. They’re both so fun and bubbly, with intense passion and knowledge for DC Comics (especially Batman) - just like me!

P. S. It might be helpful to have an image with the names for easier selection. :blush:


I probably like to be interview by either Amy or Hector. I would talk about The Batman Adventures, Batman & Robin Adventures and Superman Adventures. :slightly_smiling_face:
If I could interview one of them it’s Hector. Since he’s a fan of Batman the animated series and Batman Beyond.


I considered listing some DC Daily cast members-- but I would likely leave out some favorites we haven’t seen in a while. Essentially, I didn’t want to just toss up my impression of who the DC Daily cast is-- that’s something open to interpretation by the community as a whole, and as individuals. But anyone who wants to toss up a screenshot of their favorite DC Daily star should feel free to do so.


I’d want to be interviewed by Amy, but I"d like to interview Whitney. How’s that?


It’s fine

Clarke Wolfe. I probably would go dry mouth & just stare.