If you could be In team of ANY 10 DC characters (including you) who would they be?

Im gonna make another one but strictly gotham tv show😂
Chris Kean (gotham universe version of Chris Quinn unless i decide to make up a version for Ecco’s son lol THE PILGRIM ooohh ideas :joy:)
Tabitha Galavan
Barbara Kean
Falcone (sofia)

I think it would be cool to see the interaction of Selina, Ecco, ivy tge dc version of the GC sirens and tabby, barbara, and kinda somewhat Sofia the gothams version of tge sirens well so far…
And tgen maybe my Gotham version of my sirens could appear😂
Im konda realizing im turning this too much into a show so im gonna end this now :joy:

The name for that one :arrow_up:

The gotham City Secrets