If you can pick 3 who would it be?

If you can build a team of just 3 hero’s or villains. Who would you pick for your team?

My team would be:

Swamp Thing
Two Face

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Wally West/The Flash
Tim Drake/Robin
Amy Winston/Amethyst

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Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)/Firestorm(Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein)/Elongated Man

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The Trinity

Batman, Ravin, and Wally West Flash

3! Only 3! You are evil! Lol!

It would be so easy to roll with the Trinity. I’m going to go outside and say…

  1. Azrael for the muscle.
  2. Green Arrow for tactics.
  3. Zatanna for magic.

Wam Bam, thank you, ma’am!

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Raven, Zatanna, and Constantine