If WB were to lose DC

I’m not hating on WB but am just curious for fun, If another company somehow bought DC or WB, would would you like that new owner to be?

There’s been issues with WB execs for decades but DC is at home there and it’d be so weird for them to move on. However, I’m just curious what DC would be like if now owned by Universal or Paramount or somebody

I guess it depends how either company is handling their movies now. A quick look tells me Universal might be a better fit.

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Amblin, is go with them

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I don’t hate WB but if DC could be their own entity based back in NY (where they belong) I’d be a happy little fanboy…

I doubt they would lose the brand. DC is one of WB’s crown jewels and gives them a big leg up in the entertainment and consumer products industries. Whether movies perform well or not, there’s more to the health of a brand than that (but make no mistake, movies are a big priority). If they lost DC, what would WB bank on as far as well known brands? Harry Potter and Looney Tunes most likely. Harry Potter is a big deal but I highly doubt Looney Tunes outperforms DC. Merchandising is where the real money is and while Harry Potter is a big deal there, DC is decades ahead of it as DC merchandise of some kind has always been available for decades and decades now.

All of that aside…I guess…Universal would be my pick. They can handle big brands (Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, etc) pretty well. Paramount? No. They’re doing well with Mission: Impossible though. Star Trek? They did great with it in the past but the fate of the movies is unknown right now (TV is a different story). Fox? Nah. Disney? No thanks, absolutely not.


DEFINITELY NOT DISNEY FOR OBVIOUS REASON!! I feel dc should be their own thing if WB did not have it.


I should add, my voice of dissent against Disney has nothing to do with their owning Marvel.

The buzz is that Paramount and WB will merge to counter the Disney Dynasty. Which is fine with me since I’m a DC/Star Trek fan.


That’d lead to licensing fee free DC Star Trek books being reprinted in new trade runs. Curious…

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I don’t see WB divesting themselves of DC since as Vroom points out its pretty much their biggest brand at this point. The only thing that really comes close is Scooby Doo.

Now the question is what would happen if someone bought them outright. Disney is the obvious suspect but I don’t think they would see the value in it since WB is pretty much the opposite of brands they already control. If you ask me the people who might buy WB… I could see Apple, Google or maybe Microsoft or Amazon making a play for the IP at some point. As for what that would mean…I think things like this app would be radically different in terms of how they operate but I doubt we’d see much of a difference in content.

Amazon…hmm. Would that conflict with AT&T in some way or lead to a mega merger (especially if Paramount came into the mix as @RobertScorpio mentioned)?

I really hope Disney puts the brakes on buying other companies. I know it’s good for their bottom line but yeesh…give. it. a. rest. Disney.

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A24 would be my choice. I know they’re kinda “small” compared to the big dawgs, but they seem to not make any bad movies. Or a new company with Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder as the head honchos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Imagine Star Trek comics to rival Starwars comics!

If Paramount and Warner did merge, IDW would be pi$$ed.

I don’t see Warners ever selling off the DC character rights. What does worry is them closing down the comics division itself and whore out the individual publishing rights to any and all takers. Marvel fans to need to worry about this with Disney. If these big conglomerates believe this to be the most fruitful form to profit of these properties you better believe they’ll do it in a heartbeat.

I doubt that’ll happen or that Disney will. I also doubt WB would sale DC unless someone buy them but my thread is just a crazy what if scenario

Anybody but Disney! :wink:

I wouldn’t want Disney to own both major comic companies but I don’t get the hate Dinsey usually gets. They’ve done good and great things for Marvel, I’m sure they would have for DC if it was them instead

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I don’t like how Disney ignores certain parts of their past and ignores fan desires for certain products, but that’s a whole other topic.

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Oh @TX85! I love you guys in the forums, but seriously I read this thread and shuddered at the thought of Disney ruining Batman. Thanks for the nightmares, guys! :wink: