If WB bought Nickelodeon what crossovers would you like to see ?

Me personally I would love to see Teen Titans and Young Justice crossover with Avatar the Last Airbender and Danny Phantom.


Let’s see…

Danny Phantom/Deadman

Batman ‘66/Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Doom Patrol/Paw Patrol

Blue Beetle/Invader Zim

Animal Man/The Wild Thornberrys

Justice League/Action League Now!

Teen Titans/My Life as a Teenage Robot

…And I wouldn’t have anything cross over with ATLA, it’s too special on its own.


I’d watch:

-Sugar and Spike meet Ren and Stimpy
-Lobo vs. Doug
-The Legion of Super-Heroes Salute Your Shorts

Something with Skyland too. That was an underrated Nicktoons show.


@Vroom, please write Lobo vs. Doug. I miss your Lobo crossover series.


Jimmy Neutron teaming up with Lucius Fox would just be sick to me. Or giving Otto from rocket power a lantern ring, kid has no fear haha. I have some weird crossover ideas.


Also cosmo and wanda from fairly odd parents teaming up with JL dark would be nastyyyyyy.


I love all of these ideas, but have to say I second the request from @HubCityQuestion for @Vroom to write a Lobo vs. Doug crossover. I didn’t realize how much I needed that in my life.

I’ve also realized that a Jimmy Neutron/Lucius Fox team up was also missing from my life!


Like someone said on a different thread…a teen titans- last airbender crossover.

I’ve done got mine ninja turtles although instead of just batman I’d like see one with justice league. Also wished the movie had been little more like comic book in having the turtles come from another dimension instead of just leaving up the road in new York but hey can’t get everything like ya want

@HCQ and @PPB Your requests are noted and appreciated. We’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

looks up Doug in TV listings

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Ambush Bug Meets You Can’t Do That On Television!


Rugrats and the League of Shadows

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Clarissa Explains It All/Doom Patrol
The Secret World of Alex Mack/Teen Titans

That is an excellent team up! But they have to get Mark Mothersbaugh to do the soundtrack.

WB just needs to buy TMNTs. They would fit in fantastic with DC.

Constantine meets ahh real

Animal man meets rockos modern life

Super sons meet salute your shorts

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Metron meets Clarissa Explains It All. Can you imagine Clarissa in the Mobius Chair? I just hope her rat brother Ferguson doesn’t get his ratty fingers on it.

Lobo and You Can’t Do That On Television. “I can’t do what? Oh, screw you!” says Lobo. Then he gets slimed and chuckles. After he punched Barth’s head through a wall for serving crummy burgers that is.



All of them. Give me all the crossovers.

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Blue beetle and Booster Gold / Drake and Josh

Tuff Puppy / Ace