If they want to do a true in continuity Batman Beyond series should they make his mentor a older Damian instead of Bruce

Things like the Return of The Joker flashbacks could be retrofitted for a Damian Batman future. It also allows a larger gap between now and that future so that way you can have a more immediate future akin to what we see in the second Rebirth Batman annual or a more positive version of the story Tim Drake of Tomorrow told in Detective Comics #966.


I like this theory


Maybe have Damian become the new Ra’s Al Ghul, making him a villain in the movie.

He is that way in Rebirth, but he still becomes a hero after reconciling with Bruce. I think he tried to wear a prototype B. Beyond suit that drove him a little crazy.

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The bigger time gap could also get rid of a lot of the messed up ‘future’ drama with current beloved characters… I would support that.

It could at least work.

I really dig this idea @Nightwingx4108! It reminds me of Damian: Son of Batman, which is a fantastic 4-book story.