If They Did A Batman TV Show (3 Questions?)

If they announced today they were doing a Batman TV show I have three questions I’d like answered.

  1. Would you want showrunners to cast a younger (20s/30s) or older actor (late 30s/40s) to play Bruce Wayne/Batman?
  2. Would want to be on regular TV like (The CW) or streaming (DC Universe) or on cable (HBO, Starz etc…)?
  3. Would even watch it. Would you rather they just keep Batman in the movies?
  1. Younger (Late 20’s/Mid 30’s).
  2. Streaming or Cable. A CW Batman show won’t be able to do Batman, his stories, or his rogues justice.
  3. Yes.
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Superman & Batman in the movies. Young reliable actors to see them grow

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Just to answer my own questions.

  1. I want an older actor. I want to see the Bat Family. We got a young Batman already with 3 films (TDK trilogy). I don’t see a problem with a guy in his late 30s or early 40s being Batman.
  2. Streaming (set in Tone with Titans only more grittier) or Cable prfeferably HBO.
  3. Personally I rather Batman be in the movies. He’s still DC’s big gun. Seeing him on a TV with a limited budget. Fans will just something to bitch about. But I would support the show anyway.
  1. Find a young actor who can grow with the part.
  2. Put it anywhere but in the Arrowverse so it’s bereft of teen angst and soap opera. And remember he is the “world’s greatest detective”.
  3. Do the above and course I will watch it. And why can’t we have both?