If The Animated Series were to return what would you want to see?

In light of the release of Justice League vs The Fatal Five being made in Bruce Timm’s classic style, my question to you all is IF there were to be a Justice League reunion whether it be through a show or a movie, what exactly would you want to see from it?

There’s a lot of demand for some sort of reunion with at the very least the Main 7 and the cast from JLU and JLAS, but if one were to happen what would you want to see? It could be specific moments or specific storylines. Perhaps you’d want to see more WonderBat, perhaps you’d want to see some Darkseid action, or maybe a more specific storyline like Crisis.

So what you want to see?


I think the most fitting reunion would be to go up against Darkseid voiced by Michael Ironside and all. Bring on Granny Goodness, the Furies, and of course we would need Lex Luthor voiced by Clancy Brown to make an appearance as well.

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Green Arrow, all day every day! JLU GA is my favorite.

I think it would be best if instead of a series, we got a movie like this one every year set in the Timmverse. I’m way more interested in this style and interpretation of the characters than the current movie line.

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All-Star Villain Royale because BTAS and TNOBAR already did pretty much everything.


I’d want to see Aquaman as a permanent member


I would like to see cyborg more

Am annual movie in the DCAU would be fun (as has been the occassion over the years).

As for TV series, we need to push forward into new waters. So many characters that are ripe for new shows instead of bringing back old ones. Think to the future =)

Would LOVE to see an animated version (13 episodes) of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, This would get JLU, JSA, Freedom Fighters, an array of villains, the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. Even The Injustice Society from the old Earth-3 (Superwoman, Ultraman, Owlman, etc) Not to mention we would see heroes actually die, like Supergirl and the Barry Allen Flash.

Talk about epic!!!


Its not really a return but Id like to see an Elseworlds Animated Series. Having like 2-4 episode arcs covering different Elseworlds stories.

Like Red Son of Krypton, The Nail, Justice Riders, etc.

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Young Justice crossover, they travel to the past to help classic Batman and Robin take down a new enemy or two :slight_smile: