If Superman: Secret Origin Was a Movie

I’ve recently re-read Superman: Secret Origin and one thought sticks out now as it did when the mini-series first hit the stands eleven years ago…this would make a great movie!

That got me thinking: let’s assume this story was the basis for a new Superman movie between 2010-13. Let’s assume this was the start of a new film universe–this isn’t a slander against Zack Snyder or the DCEU as I happen to love all those movies–but let’s assume they went with this. Who would I have chosen to be the cast of the new Superman movie and why? Well, see below:

Clark Kent/Superman: Henry Cavill
What can I say, I’m a fan of the guy. I remember people putting his name in fan trailers as far back as the early 2000’s. He’s a fantastic Superman. I would love to see what he would do with this material, being able to play a normal clark, the disguise-bumbling Clark and what his Superman would look like in this story. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Lois Lane: Stana Katic
Stana Katic is an amazing actress. To me, she embodies what the Post-Crisis Lois Lane was like. I have no trouble buying that she can be a no-nonsense investigative reporter. I can see her and Perry butting heads over a story one minute and then having a friendly conversation the next. It also helps she’s played Lois before in Superman: Unbound. She’s my second favorite animated Lois aside from Dana Delaney, but imagine what a live action version of her Lois would be like? I can see her being a great investigative reporter, too.

Perry White: John Goodman
I originally wanted Martin Sheen or Alec Baldwin for Perry, but I ultimately when with John Goodman because I can totally see him playing the Perry in Secret Origin, but also having that kindness and warmth Lane Davies had when he played Perry in Lois and Clark. Also, The Hudsucker Proxy gave me this idea.

Jimmy Olsen: Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield has that “aw shucks” thing going but I can also seem him playing the more modern Jimmy Olsen. I think about the scene with Superman and Jimmy on the roof of the Daily Planet in Secret Origin and for some reaosn Asa Butterfield came to mind. Also, look at this picture and put a bowtie on him. Come on!

Cat Grant: Alicia Silverstone
The Cat in this story is someone is trading in on her looks from years ago and plays up her sexuality. That’s all well and good but what makes Cat in this era interesting is that, much like Clark, it’s a front. Cat is dealing with some serious issues and she hides it with this vapid personality. The reason I went with Silverstone is because while most people might know her from Clueless playing a similar character, if you see her most recent movies, you can see Silverstone still has the acting chops to play this version of Cat Grant.

Steve Lombard: Josh Holloway
If you ever read any comic with Steve Lombard in it, you’d see it was the role Josh Holloway was born to play. If anything, he could just play it as a parody of his character Sawyer from Lost. You’re telling me you can’t see him trying to bully Clark in the office?

Ron Troupe: Corey Hawkins
Ron was one of my favorite characters to come out of the Post-Crisis era. He came in shortly after Superman died and while he could’ve been just another face in the crowd at the Daily Planet, the writers made him an important part of the story. He got character development and growth. He even married Lucy Lane. I was a big fan of Hawkins in Kong: Skull Island and I think he’d make an amazing Ron if they give him a lot to do.

And now for the villains:

General Sam Lane: Robert Forster
I was watching Olympus Has Fallen and noticed Forster in the uniform and thought “He kinda looks like Sam Lane” Then I started thinking about Stana Katic as Lois and realized…they could totally be related. I can see them being father and daughter. I would love to see what Katic’s Lois would be like against Forster’s General Lane.

Rudy Jones/ Parasite: John C. Reilly
Rudy Jones in the book is very conniving, often taking advantage of Clark’s generosity. He does it with a good-natured act. When he becomes the Parasite, he gets to let loose. I mainly chose Reilly because he can do the “conning Clark out of twenty bucks” routine easily but I don’t think I’ve seen Reilly be a villain all that much. Sure, most of it would be CGI but I think he could be an excellent Parasite.

John Corben/Metallo: Dan Stevens
I’ve been a fan of Dan Stevens since The Guest. And while I’d like him to play a superhero, I think he’d be a fantastic Metallo. I can see him vying for Lois’ affection and trying to intimidate Clark with a handshake only to be confused when it does nothing. I can see him letting loose as Metallo. Basically, the dude is cool!

And finally, the big one…

Lex Luthor: Billy Zane
For years I’ve thought Billy Zane would make an excellent Lex Luthor. It’ s not because he’s bald or because of Titanic. I first noticed it in Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight. He could be menacing but charismatic. And him being a little older now actually helps. The Lex in Secret Origin is someone who Metropolis is in love with because of his charisma and “generosity”. For years he’s been helping every day citizens with his morning lottery. He’s got the city wrapped around his little finger. But when Superman comes along, it threatens his position among the people. Zane can totally pull off the smiling Lex who shows up in the morning to greet the people from his building, but he can also be the menacing calculating Lex who can place a radioactive mineral in a man’s heart.

Of course, if this were made into a movie I’d probably cherry pick certain scenes from the first issue and probably skip the second issue with the Legion, opting for most of the movie to be issues three-through-six, with Clark first arriving to Metropolis.

Secret Origin is a lot of fun and it would make one hell of a movie. This is just where I would’ve gone with it.


Kata Stanic is amazing! Hard to argue with that casting! :fire::fire::fire:


I really liked her Lois in the animated movie. And I think she’d make for an amazing live action Lois, too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t read the comic (and now need to), but the casting looks great! They all look like how I’ve imagined those characters, and from what I’ve seen of their acting I agree with your choices.


@MissGsptlsnz you gotta check out the comic. I believe all six issues are in the comics section. But if you end up hearing these actors voices when you read it, then you have my apologies in advance lol

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I forgot about this thread! I still stand by my choice lol

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