If dr manhattan didn't do it?

then who did? Doomsday Clock 12 never say anything about who kills pandora, Owlman and metron and kidnapping Jor-El

I hope get answer soon. I think reverse flash behind like he did to Thomas wayne, will see

It was definitely him. I don’t think the finale, or really Doomsday Clock in its entirety, needed to definitively show that he killed those 3 and took Jor-El. For me at least, it was clear enough based on the circumstances

there is no evidence dr Manhattan behind that, never saw him in panels, Jor-El use powerful Rod and someone else is similar to dr Manhattan’s power. I hope in Flash Forward and upcoming the Button II will reveal who behind that. I may be wrong.

Wait, where did you see that there’s gonna be a sequel to The Button?

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Button 2???

Tom King write the Button again. the Button is connection to Doomsday Clock. and Geoff John says he will write Doomsday Clock again. here the Link

You misinterpreted King’s tweet. He said that he’d shed a little more light about the events of The Button in Batman #84, which he did when he revealed how Thomas survived the Flashpoint timeline being wiped out. That’s definitely not the same as a sequel. There’s always a possibility of the Watchmen characters coming into play again in a future storyline, but as things stand now, The Button and Doomsday Clock are finished

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I read somewhere says about Buttom II, I must misunderstanding. yes, Doomsday Clock is over but this is not done yet. we still have Justice League Doom, resent Flash series (Barry Allen) and flash Forword (Wally West) and Batman/Catwoman relationship until wrap up in summer before G5

@dogwelder9. OK been off the forums for a few days sit down tonight and your button picture made me shoot ice tea out of my nose from laughing! Thanks for the clever post, made my night!

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