If DCC continues Animated figures, make your picks

I love the DC Animated figures but wish they would make them faster with more variety so during a bout of insomnia I decided to “design” a few waves sorted by categories. It would be 4 releases each year, 1 each for Batman (TAS, TNBA, Beyond), Superman TAS, JL/JLU, and the new Timm designed series of non-Animated characters. 4-5 figures per wave or 3 and a deluxe.

Batman - Red Claw, Blight, tuxedo Penguin, Tyger, Batman (I know a plain Batman again but this one with wraparound cape. Or a deluxe “cape pack” for TAS and TNBA colors. Huge fabric cape, wraparound cape, wired cape.)

Superman - Bizarro, Metallo, Supergirl, Parasite, Darkseid semi deluxe (this version not the armored JLU version)

JL/JLU - Firestorm, Captain Atom, Shazam, Question, Cheetah (this is the hardest wave to narrow down because of sheer quantity).

Timm - original Azrael, Court of Owls Talon, Bloodwynd, Batman Who Laughs, Kyle Rayner, Super Sons

And special pack because I can break my own rules - Clark Kent, Lex Luthor (suit and tie) and Bruce Wayne (slim TNBA suit and tie version) called . . . Power Lunch.

1 play set per year? Police HQ rooftop with batsignal and TNBA Gordon.

That’s the first year. And a lot of money.

Future must haves - deluxe Doomsday, Timm Death of the Family Joker (loose skin), Timm Kingdom Come, Timm Blackest Night, JLU Beetle and Booster (L-Ron and the rest of 90’s JLI). Green Arrow and Black Canary. Timm style satellite era JLA costumes, Zatanna for sure. Justice Lords. Mercy. The Javelin.

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In a perfect world, I’d like to see:


-Red Claw
-Bruce Wayne in his business suit (or tux from MOTP)
-a two-pack of GCPD SWAT Officers(they’ve been deserving of a figure since the Kenner BTAS days)
-Jonah Hex
-Count Vertigo (I think he was on this show. If I’m wrong, I know there was a blond haired, male villian that was similar to him at minimum.)
-Kyodai Ken/The Ninja


-The Flash
-Weather Wizard
-an Abin Sur and Kyle Rayner Green Lantern two-pack
-Granny Goodness
-Parademon Soldier
-Lex Luthor in his business suit (an interchangeable head featuring him in his neckbrace would be keen)
-a three pack of the Female Furies
-John Corben
-an two-pack of Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer

Batman Beyond:

-Bruce Wayne Batman in the BB suit
-Bruce in his Batman armor
-Terry Batman with different accessories (egg baby?) and more articulation
-Terry in his casual clothes
-Dana Tan
-a box set of assorted Jokerz
-Derek Powers
-Powers’ security guards two-pack
-a box set of the Royal Flush Gang
-Sentries of the Last Cosmos
-Mr. Freeze
-a three pack of the Terrific Trio
-a deluxe figure of the Golem with a Willy Watt figure
-J-Man with his motorcycle

Mattel more than sufficiently mined Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, so other than having characters from those shows in a larger scale with more articulation, I don’t think I’d dive into those lines too much.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

-Red Lantern Razer
-pre-RL Razer
-Zilius Zox
-Guy Gardner
-Dark Aya and Anti-Monitor deluxe set
-Steam Lantern
-the Tom Kenny voiced Thanagarian (I forget his name ATM)
-Guardians of the Universe set
-Salaak and Chesilon two-pack
-Saint Walker
-Carol Ferris Star Sapphire

That’s enough for now :slight_smile:


@SWhite For what it’s worth, I wholeheartedly agree with your “deluxe cape pack” idea. Definitely something I would get, and it would pair very well with the “Bat-Expressions” that have already hit the shelves.

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Red Claw and Spellbinder would be perfect for my collection.

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I’d be the first to buy a Question.

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