If DC Characters had Pokémon Types...

…what would they be?

Batman, for instance, would probably be Dark type.

Aquaman: Water
Wildcat: Fighting
Hawkman: Flying
Deadman: Ghost
Captain Cold: Ice
Joker: Poison
Poison Ivy: Grass/Poison
Forager: Bug
Static: Electric
Superman: Flying/Steel
Wonder Woman: Fighting/Fairy
Jimmy Olsen: Normal

What type would your favorites be?


Flash: Electric
GeoForce: Fire
Lex Luthor: Normal

If we are considering them Pokemon, do they have evolutions?
For example: Impulse>Kid Flash>Flash

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GeoForce would be Fire/Rock, I think

Shazam: Thunder
Mr. Freeze: Ice
Stargirl: Swift attack
Penguin: Smokescreen and Flamethrower

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Batman Dark/fighting
Raven Dark/Psychic
WW fightning/fairy or dragon
Superman Steel/Normal
Guy Gardner Flying/Fighting
Hal Jordan Flying
Zatanna Psychic

Green Arrow - Fighting/Grass
Black Canary - Dark/Flying
Deathstroke - Dragon/Steel
Reverse Flash - Dark/Electric
Killer Frost - Ice
Gorilla Grodd - Psychic
Heat Wave - Fire
John Constantine - Dark/Psychic
Deadman - Ghost
Bane - Fighting/Rock
Catwoman - Fairy/Poison
The Riddler - Grass/Psychic

Superman- mew (can do anything)
Wonder Woman- fighting/fairy
Aquaman - water
Flash- electric
Halkman/Halkgirl- flying
Martian manhunter- psychic
Power Girl- normal/fighting
Bane - rock/ fighting
Cyborg - steel
Poison Ivy- poison / grass
Swamp thing- ground/grass
Ra’s al ghul- dragon type
Dr. Manhattan- missingno…

… I think I covered all Pokemon types?

Azszhz… I’m pretty sure that mew is not a Pokémon type…

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