If Damian was in Young Justice

I have seen many different opinions about Damian joining the YJ cast. Here is my opinion on the matter:
The argument I have heard the most about people not wanting Damian in Young Justice is that they don’t think Tim will get enough press. Tim is my favorite character, and of course I would like him to get as much spotlight as possible, but I don’t think keeping Damian out of things completely would be the best for Tim’s development. I agree, Tim needs to be developed as a character before adding more of his brothers.
But from my perspective, I think incorporating Damian could help develop Tim as a character more than anything else could. I think characters are developed from betrayal, hurt, trauma, and hardships. I think it could be interesting for Tim’s development if Damian is added because Tim would be forced from his position. He would of course be upset about it, and most likely jealous. He would feel betrayed and disappointed, which is why I think that could be an opportunity for him to grow as a character. And if Damian is not included, I see the writers’ reasoning. I trust that they will make the right call whether they decide to include him in the cast or not.

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I’d be annoyed and kinda pissed if he gets added beyond an episode guest appearance


I don’t want Damian to happen until end of season 3 or season 4. I want Tim, Jason, and Dick to have the spotlight.


I think if anything, the show is known for it’s diverse cast of characters, and they can’t lean too heavily on the bat family either. I think if Jason is added in season 3, Damian would be a goos season 4 or possibly season 5 fit, depending on how the show runs.

Yeah that’s what I love about YJ. They have sooo many characters. And they all are important to the story! Except Tim who should get more of the spotlight

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Damian is in the Teen Titans,not the Young Justice. And if he was in the Young Justice,then that would be sick.

I think that even if he was added, he still wouldn’t be the darkest character.