If Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow Are Cancelled, What Do You Want In Their Places?

According to recent rumors, the Arrowverse is about to become a bit smaller:


So if these shows do indeed get wiped away by a wave of anti-matter after Crisis on Infinite Earths, what new shows would you like to see in their places? In addition, many of the actors may be wanting to hang up their tights, but others might be willing to do spinoffs. Which characters do you want to see continue on, either with solo efforts or ensemble shows?

-I’d be happy to see Constantine picked up for another season.
-I’d love a spinoff with Brandon Routh’s Atom. He’s the heart of that show.
-If Caity Lotz wants to keep going, she could easily fit into Batwoman.
-Heck, we could get a Young Justice show with Roy, Emiko, Wallace, some new characters like Blue Beetle and maybe Oliver as chaperone. I just don’t see Stephen Amell wanting to give it all up yet.
-And then there’s that dream Legion of Super-Heroes show with Mon El, Saturn Girl, XS, Brainy …

The possibilities are endless… (not Endless, though that would be a great show too…) :slight_smile:


I found a similar article that suggest that Supergirl is on the chopping block


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They’ve all been renewed for at least one more season. I’ll speculate once Crisis airs or other official developments come about.

I’d like Legends of Tomorrow with a different name. If LoT is canceled the Arrowverse is dead to me!*

*except for episodes with Lois and Thawne


If arrow is cancelled Arrowverse is dead

How about a Green Lantern show starring John Diggle?


Out of all the Arrowverse, Arrow and Legends definitely feel like they’ve run their course. I still enjoy them but I’d be fine with them ending. We will have plenty of shows on CW plus all the ones coming here.

I think Legends could keep going, do see Arrow feels like it has about run it’s course. But this seems a bit pre-mature to be calling it that those will be the last seasons.


That’s disappointing to hear, but tying the ending of the shows to the events of Crisis would definitely make the crossover memorable because of the consequences and allow Arrow and Legends to go out with a bang.

The Arrow characters I would like to see return are Diggle, Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and Emiko. Diggle and Curtis could show up in Argus episodes of The Flash, or if the rumors about Cisco leaving Team Flash are true, then Curtis could take his place. Rene and Emiko could move to Gotham City and appear in episodes of Batwoman.

As for the Legends of Tomorrow characters, many of them still have stories to tell. Constantine should get his own show again and maybe Zari and Charlie can show up once in a while or even be series regulars (perhaps Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ Charlie can become the new Chas). The Atom is another possible Cisco replacement. Sara (and maybe even the League of Assassins) can show up in episodes of Batwoman. Heat Wave can go back to being a villain on The Flash. Beebo needs to cameo in an episode of Supergirl because that is the only Arrowverse show it hasn’t appeared in.


I think Arrow could continue without Stephen Amell, but bring in some of the Legends to fill the show out.

Constantine would be nice to see again and would let magic be introduced to the CWuniverse.

Supergirl is rumoured to be ending with a Superman show maybe replacing it

I know it is too much to ask for a Grifter series, so instead of a Grifter series introducing IO and several other possible Wildstorm elements how about a Creeper show.

Let us not forget that this is the last season of I Zombie and Supernatural can’t go on forever


Constantine season 2!!!

And would love a Nightwing or Zatanna series.


I could imagine trading Arrow for The Question, iZombie for Hex Wives, Gotham for Gotham City Garage and Black Lightning for Jessica Cruz.

The rest of the shows I really want to keep.

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If Legends is cancelled: The Atom gets his own show, but a changed atom. One more mature and more like the comic book version of The Atom.

Sara Lance, after all the other Canaries have been vaporized in the Crisis event, goes back to being the Black Canary, but having been changed to have the Canary Cry without technology assist. If she stays focused on women, rather than men, she could partner up with The New Green Arrow, Emiko Queen.

If Heat Wave survives, he could go back the Central City, but as a reformed person, who helps out the heroes from time to time.

The rest of the cast of Legends just vanishes in the Crisis.

If Oliver Queen dies, and the show is cancelled, some or most of the characters could be added on in a new Green Arrow and Black Canary show (as mentioned, or alluded to, above).

If Supergirl was killed in the Crisis event, I would be disappointed, but it would be consistent with the comic books. A new Supergirl arriving in a new reality later on though? She always comes back as one version or another (and the constant changes of Supergirl’s character, and story, are why she is not in my top 5 list).

If the Flash was cancelled, then I would really be disappointed, but that too would be consistent with the comic books, but ya know he comes back someday too.

If Black Lightning was cancelled, well, sorry, I am just not as invested in this show as some of the other CW shows. It could be a better than it is. I still watch it though, and if it comes to an end, I hope they give it proper closure. I vote for a reboot rather than a cancellation of Black Lightning.


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I would love a Superman show with Tyler Hoechlin


I’d also love a Beebo show cause “Beebo l- l- loves you”


I think an Outlaws show would be pretty sweet. Using the New 52 team though. So Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire. I also think an Elseworlds show would be awesome having each episode focus on a different story. This would also allow us to have characters like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern get a main focus on television.

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I’ve heard " the powers that be" of the arrowverse say that the landscape of their TV’s show are gonna change drastically after Crisis. I see the Flash as the only current show still on the air afterwards, which is really ironic if you think about it lol. There’s the new Batwomen show which I’m hyped for and all sorts of buzz about Supergirl being cancelled and replaced by a Superman show which totally makes sense with a Supergirl Movie in development.
Rumor has it that the actor that plays Cisco is leaving soon, his spot on team Flash could easily go to Ray Palmer once LoT is finished up and just find ways to pepper other fan favorite characters in to the other shows. Honestly I think they should just keep it a 3 shows, focus on quality over quantity.


Harley Quinn
Wonder Women
Teen titans
Suicide Squad

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If u remove arrow and legends from cw I won’t be watching I might watch the crossover once a year that’s it the cw would lose me as a viewer

Jim Bob’s DC Universe Puppet Playtime Theatre hosted by someone dressed as Beebo would be a good choice me thinks.