Identity Crisis

I am going to read Infinite Crisis but was wanting to know if Identity Crisis should come first. Can somebody please help me out?

They have nothing to o with each other.

Identity Crisis is a murder mystery, which uses a lot of the characters that were published during that time. If you know JLA, by Morrison, that would be good. If you know who Sue and Ralph Digby are even better. Some of the weekly 52 comic that is the first title in our library is dependent on this story.

Some people love this comic, others hate it. I think the writer, who is a famous, best selling novelist, does better work in his Justice League Title, published around the same time.

The story is dark, about grief, betrayal by your team mates, rape and multiple murders, including that of a father and a wife.

It is a locked door mystery, where very experienced superhero detectives can’t figure out how the murder of the first victim. The solution is semi ingenuous.

Some like the characterization of the Justice League members, how they belong in closed cliques, and withhold needed knowledge to cover up deeds done in the past.

Infinite Crisis is a world changing event comics. Others can describe it better than me. The various Crisis events comics are such that it is sometimes hard to remember how they differed. They are exciting because much is at stake. Often DC history is changed, character disappear for a time, or act out of character. Often the event has no real effect to anyone, years after the event has occurred.