Identity Crisis

I just read Identity Crisis (it and Harley Quinn are how I spent my extra time getting off work early) and man oh man that is so good.

I have read it before, so the surprises were gone in that sense. But even knowing what was coming it was impossible not to enjoy it. It is SO good. I know it was controversial at the time and some marked characters being out of character in it, and Sue Dibny’s fate being “girl in the refridgerator” syndrome and I get that criticism.

But as a story itself, on terms of an enjoyable read few comics I have read beat it. It is just so well written, so beautifully drawn and such a roller coaster of a story. I shared the trade back when I owned it with a friend who is far from a hardcore comic fan and even he told me it was an amazing read.

Anyone who has not read that book yet, seriously consider it. It is some A+ martial, at least to me!


Also sorry I forgot to put this to go in the comic book forum and not general. Wish I could move it or delete it, but think posting all that twice in two forums would just be spammy. Hope it is ok it is on here.

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Who doesn’t love a good “who done it?”

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I got to meet Brad Meltzer last year. So nice. Identity Crisis is like my favorite DC story. The best set up to Infinite Crisis.

I agree. I hadn’t read it until I saw it on DCU. And I was expecting a typical DC “crisis” where something massive happens, but then everybody forgets about it two months later.

But it was a really good read.

I guess in a sense, it still suffers from the “everybody forgets two months later” syndrome. I mean, everybody just forgets about our beloved heroes screwing with people’s minds.

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I’d like the first digital single issue of Identity Crisis to sport the first printing Michael Turner cover (rather than the current Rags Morales penned third printing cover), so that all of Turner’s cover art can be seen here.

It’s like that on Comixology/the DC app, etc. Definitely not DCU’s issue, rather with DC proper.

@harley.333, the mind manipulation did have some lasting effects as far as Batman becoming paranoid of the JLA and other members questioning if what they did was right.