Ideas for Young Justice Season 4 (Theory Discussion)

With part 2 of Young Justice Outsider coming out tomorrow. Now is great time give out theory of ideas anyone thinks that can be adept into the show and get Young Justice renewed for a 4th season.!!!

Young Justice Outsider has been awesome series. If we express how much we love it, and what characters, and story arc we would like to see used in the future, then DC Universe will surely renew Young Justice for another season.!!!


With cameos of characters we were given in this I would definitely love to see these next generation of heroes be apart of the Young Justice roster in nxt season.

The Tornado Twins, Thunder & Lightning, & most of all the Super Sons. As well as episode or two paying homage to the original founding members of the Teen Titan Nightwing, Flash (Wally West), Donna Troy, & Tempest, Also bring Raven and Starfire to the show.

Full details of my ideas in this video:

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More development of Season 2 Main Characters. (Bart Allen, Jamie Reyes, etc.) More info about Bart’s timeline and backstory. The family and/or friends he left behind. Are they dead? Some of his speedy relatives like Jenni Ognats. Some allies & best friends (he should be friends with Terry McGinnis). The villainous family like Owen Mercer and Thaddeus Thawne the 2nd. He seemed too okay at the end. He should have something to separate him and Wally. I mean after living in an apocalypse there should be PTSD or something. They should make Bart gay. (Gay Pride) Basically more facts about the future.


I’d like to see the develop and Batgirl and Cassie more. They’ve given such a spot to MM over the last few series. I think it’s time to have Nightwing step out for real for a season and out Batgirl in that role. I also think Cassie could have a really good arc and be like Nightwing was especially in season 1 which is trying to come out their greater recognizable mentors shadow.


Since the person above me already said stuff about current characters, I’ll talk about new stuff I want introduced.

I would personally just love a Darkseid War story, and it seems they’re setting that up already. When it comes to new characters, I have a few ideas.

With the archers seeming to be off the team, I would like to see Emiko Queen be introduced. Maybe the team fights Komodo and subsequently comes into contact with her. Maybe Miss Martian does telepathy to figure out why a 13ish year old is fighting them and finds out who she is. Then they turn her to the team and can have her arc.

I would also like to see more Green Lanterns.

With Beast Boy doing the publicity stunt in the latest episode, I would like for Bart, Jaime, and him to found the Teen Titans as a more transparent team of young heroes. It seems like that is already the plan though.

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I personally hope it goes on the self for a few years and we get something new.

It seems like every season has a new theme, which I’m cool with, so I think I’d like to see a season dealing with the Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. The brief appearance they had this season was incredible.


@DeSade-acolyte what you said about Batgirl and Cassie is I forgot about but want the same thing as well, even better is that Cassie is already in the hero game as Orphan, and not mention Lady Shiva is part of the Light. Yes there is definitely a story arc that can be told there during this season or the next. Also there is fact that Stephanie and Cassie have both been Batgirl before so maybe Barbara can pass on that torch to on of them

Another thing i think would be cool is if Red Hood and the Outlaw make an appearance in Young Justice universe.

@superby1 that part you mention about theme could definitely be used for Red Hood and the Outlaws in their way of fighting crime compare to the Justice League and The Team. Justice vs Vengeance or Crossing the Line.

I think it’s important to remember that YJ takes place on earth 16, not earth 1 or earth prime or whatever they are calling it now.

I don’t recall if they’ve established a GL in YJ yet. If not, I’d love to see that as the Alan Scott version, and make earth 16 a universe with no GL Corps and GL has a more magical edge.

There was guy gardener in a recent episode

Honestly, I have a feeling that they will take a more grounded take in season 4. I understand YJ has always had covert ops etc., but I think it will be even more so that way in the following season. I don’t think Vietti will do a full on Judas Contract storyline (as we have already had that in an animated movie), but I do believe some form of it will be resolved and adapted. I think the League of Assassins will have a large presence in the following season, I also believe that the Red Hood and Kid Lobo teases will be capitalized on. I also think it would be great for them to have a more earth bound threat/storyline in the following season to take a rest from the massive threat that is Apokalypse. I do think there will be a larger, overlooking threat, but it will be built to instead of immediately addressed. Another idea I see happening in season 4 if it doesn’t already happen in season 3; is the arrest of major superheroes by the government or global powers that be. It would be a really interesting concept due to the ideas that, does the league save them knowing it will impact their public image and potentially have legal ramifications for them? Or do they allow them to stay in prison to protect their public image etc? Really interesting ideas, I really think a lot of the plot threads the show has created will be answered because the production team definitely likes leaving no stone left un-turned.


I’d like a take on the teen titams as a new team introduced.


Honestly they’re trying to juggle so many characters and plotlines right now… I think they might just be better off making spin-offs at this point so they can actually focus on and expand the development of these characters, especially since a lot of them really haven’t been on screen before like this.

I think we’re gonna get a Red Hood storyline and a Son of Batman storyline, given the appearance of amnesiac Jason and baby Damian earlier this season. I also think the Teen Titans were set up in ep 16, and will maybe be fleshed out during the rest of S3 or in S4.

I’d really like to see more of the new characters brought in this season, like Spoiler, Traci 13, Orphan, Bluebird, etc. Also, we know what happened to two of the Reach metakids from last season (Eduardo and Virgil/Static) and I’d like to know what happened to Tye Longshadow and Asami. And I agree with the person up there who was talking about the next generation! All the kids who were gathered at the West-Allen house in Home Fires - let’s see them grow up and become heroes!

There’s so many kids involved that it really seems like they’re setting up this show for a long run.

Also, @DeSade-acolyte, there have been multiple Green Lanterns since S1, and direct references to the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps as a whole since S2.


Artemsia, I agree with you. I think there are way too many characters and splitting them up into different shows would be the way to go. Personally, I like the original team and don’t care for many of the new characters but, hey, I’m old and just like to focus on characters I know!


@Artemsia, @roni.18, funny you guys bring up the ideas of spinoff series! My buddy and I were talking and we were thinking the exact same thing!!! I think there are so many characters and plotlines that it would be a really good opportunity if DC went the route of making other series for the characters. I just hope they are meaningful, substantial storylines if WB and DC went with the idea of spinoffs. If would be excellent if each show was tied to that universe, but relatively self contained as well!