Ideas for Organizing/Cataloging My Comic Collection?

I’ve been wanting to better organize my comics for a while now, but I’m not exactly sure how. I’ve tried by title, artist, writer, but haven’t come to a definite decision yet. I also don’t know where else to put them because stacking them on my desk doesn’t work and simply trying to set them up on a bookshelf doesn’t work the best either. What’s worked for you guys??

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On methods of organization: I put numerical titles first, then alphabetize afterward. Sometimes I’ll alphabetize within a franchise too.

That is, Superman books would obviously be under “S”, but at the beginning of them would be Action Comics v1, v2, etc and then The Adventures of Superman v1, v2 and so on. I tend to put the Annuals of a given series after their regular issues.

On storage: I’ve used a variety of methods over the years, but the tried and true short and long boxes are the best method. As for which of those is best, they’re really equal, but short boxes are substantially easier to lift and maneuver around than fully packed long boxes. They also obviously take up less space too.

Hope that can help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely gonna start looking for good boxes! Thank you!

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I recommend BCW boxes, they’re very sturdy. -C


Which leads to one being able to stack several in a row, with no damage to the boxes themselves.