Ideas for new animated series like the Harley Quinn Show

Okay, we’ve seen the first season of Harley Quinn and I’ve got to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting them to make a mess and instead the writers did make a few changes, like Poison Ivy being a caring individual and Harley wanting in to the Legion of Doom and others. But the show was good. So good they should start thinking about other series along the same comedic line. So how about “Mercy” a show about an independent young woman fresh out of business school with a ton of school loan debt, a mother who keeps trying to set her up with doctors and a boss intent on killing Superman and taking over the world. Or “Next Door” a show about the people living in the apartment building next door to the Justice League and how they deal with widows getting smashed in and car blown up when supervillains attack the next door neighbors. In one episode a woman is too timid to order fish at the butcher shop because Aquaman is in line behind her. Or “The Roommate” about a girl who has just moved to the city and answers an ad to share an apartment with Diana Prince, Karen Starr, Dinah Lance or Barbara Gordon. In a letter home to her mom she can say she thinks her roommate is a stripper. There is plenty of good ideas. Even a live action show like “Powerless” maybe about the newsroom at the Daily Planet or about the bartender in a bar where Gotham’s supervillains go to unwind. What sort of animated or live action show would you envision?


These are all real funny ideas!!


Did you know Powerless was the same writers as Harley?

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I did not. But I recognized at least one voice in Harley from an actor on Powerless.

Actually there are two: Van Wayne - Alan Tudyk (Clayface and Joker) and Ron - Ron Funches (King Shark)

So seriously, no one has any ideas for an adult comedy DC based show (animated or live action)? I find that hard to believe.

I’ve been interested in a law show set in a Silver Age comic book universe for a while now. I can remember an Astro City comic in which a lawyer was hired by the mob to defend a mob boss, and his strategy was to apply the standards of their crazy, Silver Age setting to introduce reasonable doubt. One of the police officers who testified against the mob boss, for example, had previously testified that he’d seen the members of the Fantastic Four-esque Furst Family committing crimes, but it turned out that they were actually alternate dimension dopplegangers. Can the State prove that that wasn’t also the case here?

The set-up would be kind of like Powerless, but a law office specializing in “Metahuman Law.” The writers would also have to read James Daily and Ryan Davidson’s The Law of Superheroes, for obvious reasons. While the show could be used to satirize the ridiculous circumstances that show up in comics, it could also potentially be used to explore some complex real-world legal issues, like the wildly inconsistent application of the State Actor doctrine.

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I like it.

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