Ideas for movies and tv series

Figure I start a thread where everyone can present their ideas on movies or tv series they would like to see be made.


What I would most like to see is a horror anthology series based on Doorway To Nightmare or Witching Hour. Though either of the houses, Phantom Stranger, Ghosts or Black Magic could be used as well. I would also like to see a WWII series, but not based on Sgt. Rock as I feel that he’s been way too overexposed throughout the years. I would prefer one based around other fascinating but less well known characters such as Madmoiselle Marie, Gravedigger or the Losers. Given my love of the dark universe, my personal preference would be either Ghost Patrol or Haunted Tank. I’m also a big fan of detective stories and would like to see a live action version of one of the many throughout DCs history such as Slam Bradley, Jonni Thunder or Angel And The Ape. My personal top two in this genre would be Sandra Of The Secret Service (first DC heroine) or Dr. Occult (first super hero).


Personally, though it’s not necessarily a movie or TV show idea, I’ve always wanted to see live action shorts.

More specifically, I’d like to see live actions shorts ahead of theatrical released films, exploring different characters from the universe. That way, WB/DC could test out various properties, writers, directors, actors/actresses, etc. to see how an audience reacts to them.

I personally want to see more DC comedy series. I feel like there’s a lot of potential in this universe for that, but unfortunately I think that show Powerless on NBC may have tanked the possibility for more DC sitcoms in the future. For example, I have had this idea for a long time, and have even written a pilot script for it, about a mockumentary sitcom like The Office or Parks and Rec that’s about the employees and patients of Arkham Asylum. I’d be happy to post the script I wrote for that here eventually if anyone would be interested in reading it

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Here’s my elevator pitch: I have always thought that the character of Mxyzptlk has had incredible and underutilized potential. The idea of a TV Series around this trickster-character from the 5th Dimension, with almost “cosmic” level powers attributed to magic (perhaps, in the Clarke’s Third Law sense), who is able to slide through the multiverse, has great appeal. I would almost equate him to a more engaged “Watcher” type character from the Marvel canon, able to turn reality on it’s head and visit Earths or other known DC worlds. Each episode would be a different self-contained story or brief arc (a la Twilight Zone), and there could be a strong ElseWorlds flavor, drawing from the amazing back-log of alternate-view stories (Red Son, for instance).

As established, Mxyzptlk can go toe-to-toe with the trinity, and his powers directly effect and impact Kal-El due to their “magical” source-nature.

I like the live action shorts idea

I NEED a Midnighter movie or series in my life as soon as possible.


I agree about Mxy - he’s like the Q of Superman’s world, a cosmic tricksta!

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Kingdom Come would make a great live action movie. In fact, when I heard they were going with old man batfleck for the dc movie universe, i figured the batman v superman plot was going to be KINGDOM COME to feature that conflict of the two of them in conflict and combat. I predicted that the movie would begin in the future as Kingdom Come, and we would see the justice league in that aspect. I still think it would be a great idea to fit within whatever dc universe of films comes next. It might be a great way to relaunch a film universe, with a new superman should the rumors be true that Cavill and Batfleck are exiting stage left.


A Renee Montoya Question series would be amazing


I have a bunch of these… I guess my favorite is going off a concept of Shazams “Multiversity” one shot. Dr. Sivana from all of the multiverses ban together to start killing Shazams from all timelines. The only person left is a kid from our instance of the multiverse who reads comics to take up the mantle of The Last Shazam. But he has his own agendas due to his knowledge of this universe he finds he is one of the most powerful beings in.

One idea from me (and someone already mentioned the comic book) is to do a Kingdom Come movie, though I see it more done as a CG movie instead, I believe that it would be the only way to portray the artistic beauty of Alex Ross’s art form.

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld animated series.

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I would love to see a Deadman series in the same premise as Quantum Leap, where Boston Brand is trying to help out different people but set in the DC Universe


I love to see a DC Universe animated elseworlds movie based on #DCBombshells


A Redhood series.


A Kingdom Come movie would be awesome. I also think and Injustice movie would be awesome. Of course I know it would have to be split into different films given the amount of content but I’d love that.

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A Solomon Grundy movie would be awesome. Animated or live action. But live action would be sweet.

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batfam like the whole fam
not only with the usual four (dick, jason, tim, damian) but also with babs and cass and steph and duke + kate
not to forget exhausted alfred and bruce

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and a green lantern anime