ideas for cyborg

Add his story in more with the new gods and apokolis have him go against inter gang more he can have a crazy storyline I mean he was either created by mother or father box only makes sense

Yeah, they made him tied to the New Gods to justify him being on the Justice League, but they never really leaned into that connection. There’s a lot of potential for great stories there. Good idea!

Every time I read a cyborg book it seems all they want to do is talk about the inner struggle he has wondering if he is more machine than man which is an interesting concept but I always felt instead of going that direction they should lean in to the fact that he is the only black guy on a team full of privileged white people it just seems like an obvious thing to lean towards but they never really do

@yutzy It’s difficult for writers to lean in on that angle because the Justice League aren’t jerks to him. Although it might work if they told a story where regular people in the DC universe were mad that he is on the Justice League because of his race. But I don’t see how they could do any story where he experiences discrimination from other members of Justice League.

But your idea does sound like it could be a good basis for a Cyborg Black Label book.

I know it’s been almost 8 years since his promotion, but I still really miss Cyborg’s dynamic with the Teen Titans. If it were up to me I’d make him a sort of liaison between the two teams, the way Batman is for Young Justice. Play up the fact that he’s their old buddy who made it to the Big Show.

They should include him in more stories involving Apokolips. I like that the Young Justice animated show is exploring that more. I do like his struggle between being human and machine, but I don’t feel a lot of the stories involving that aspect are that good and so people keep trying to take a crack at it and not really nailing it. They should move on from it in the comics. Doom Patrol did a good version of that story and I hope we get to see more of that version of Cyborg.

I really would prefer he never go back to the Titans. He leveled up and should stay on the Justice League. They don’t really need a liaison since Dick Grayson is normally on a Titans team and a Robin in normally on a Teen Titans teen. They could report to Batman or Superboy, Wonder Girl, the countless other sidekicks could fill that role if there had to be a role of that nature.


@squid oh yeah man It doesn’t have to be the Justice league treating him poorly because I agree they dont it could be just the fact they grew up in a different world because of their privilege so they don’t understand the plight of people of color or people who didn’t grow up as privileged as they did I feel like christopher priest touched upon this concept in his short 6 issue run on Justice league a year or so back and I gotta say it’s the most I have liked cyborg on Justice league

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I believe the run I’m talking about starts at Justice league rebirth 34

@yutzy Interesting. I’ll add it to my list of things I want to read. Thanks!

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