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If you were able to give 1 idea to a creative writer for any comic in dc, what would it be? Mine would be ti give the villians side issues creating their plans to defeat the heroes. ( ex. The story arc for batman is he is trying to stop the riddler, so there will be side issues of if thinking of riddles and traps to stop batman. And in the main issues it shows the traps and riddles and batman stoping them.)


That’d be cool. Recently I’ve been mulling over the idea of what if Edward Nigma, the riddler, initially was a part of the bat family or Batman’s team, helping him with insider stuff and working from within the bat cave or something like that. Then, something big happens and it causes Nigma to derail, ultimately causing him to become the riddler


Welcome to the community, @knelly. I think a story I would want a writer to do is an older Damian story. See what actually happens to him if he doesn’t become Batman.


I have been mulling over two similar Elseworlds styled stories for a while now.

One where Bruce dies (for real, no comebacks, the end, dead) and the story is about the effect on his family and Gotham.

and the other is like Generations. What if everyone in comics aged naturally? I know they did it before but now instead of reaching the ripe old age of forty, Bats would be over 80. I’d like to see the progression and how heroes and villains are replaced by younger generations.

I’d also like to see them generally develop characters over just creating new ones all the time.

I feel like thats what they want to do with 5g. It sounds cool but i feel like if it is not perfect, people will shoot it down

That would be cool if he didnt become batman, and became the new ras al ghul

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That would be cool too, but would he know bruce is batman or just batman? Id think it would be interesting if it was just batman and nygma starts by being smart but see batman solving the mysteries first and it makes it go down the path to be riddler!

Great posts guys, what are some ideas you would have with other heroes?

I think he does in Batman Beyond Rebirth.

So, here’s something I thought of while driving downtown for Mardi Gras. (Yes, I often think best when about to get inebriated for an extended period. When you’re about to unplug your brain, everything becomes clear.)

The Time Trapper has been screwing around with the DC timeline ever since Post-Crisis. It’d be completely reasonable to explain New 52, Rebirth, Convergence, and etc. as experiments of the Time Trapper. There is documented precedent to demonstrate where the Time Trapper has screwed around with the time stream and created completely new timelines which make no sense, and yet, they’re completely real.

Therefore, each of these wacky and terribly written stories can be real. Yes, real. In a very real sense. And yet, not real. This paradox is reasonable because of the Time Trapper.

From a LoSH standpoint, Mordru loses the Magic Wars. But in another timeline, he wins. Glorith rules all. But in another timeline, she doesn’t. All of this is already canon. (For reference, see the Five Year Gap.)

So, why can’t Metal be canon, and yet, it’s also complete bumpkis?

Thank Giffen for such rational instability.

Instead of G5, we already have a completely reasonable and totally explainable mechanism to get back to something that fans will enjoy.

We don’t need another reboot. We simply need some good writing.

And now, I’m getting drunk! HAPPY MARDI GRAS EVERYBODY!


Aquaman in Space! The Green Lanterns approach Arthur. Space Whales are being pulled by an unknown signal towards a black hole. These powerful beings have been swimming peacefully through space and time for eons. But now they are heading to their own demise. It is up to Aquaman & his Aquatelekinesis to communicate with the Whales and get them to turn around.

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See, the problem is that all of my ideas are Gotham Central but Metropolis or Damage Control but DC.

Know what? Okay, here’s a pitch.

Have any of you ever read Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane? The brilliance of that series is that it takes the characters (and most prominent love triangles) of the original ‘60s Lee/Ditko/Romita Spider-Man comics, and makes them 110% high school soap opera. It’s great. So, my pitch?

Do that to the JLA.

So, the idea is to take the JLI approach: make the characters less like icons and more like caricatures; don’t make them more “real”, per se, just make them exaggerated in a different kind of way. In this case: dramatic. Love triangles. Awkward dates. Weird “sleeping with your coworker and your boss finds out” moments. That kind of thing. And, of course, the series would focus on basically everyone who’s ever been on the JLA (so, admittedly, an excuse to write a LOT of Fire and Ice fan fiction), and, hey, maybe the villains every once-in-a-while, too.

The purpose is just to accentuate the parts of superhero comics we all know and love: the weird, the emotional, the over-the-top, the relatable, and, strangely enough, the human.


P.S. If you are interested, I could totally just write these as one-off stories in the Fan Creations section.


So we’ve already seen several superhero/villain team-ups throughout the years, right? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a comic series dedicated to superhero/villain team ups?


All these ideas are great stuff, and thank you to all who shared them!

My idea is based on Hitchcock’s Rear Window. A person has a broken leg and cannot leave their 3rd floor apartment. The only contact they have is with their significant other and nurse. To help pass the time they use binoculars to peep at what the outside world is doing, except Lois Lane lives across the street. One night, the person sees Superman fly to Lois’ window. At first, they are excited because they saw Superman but no one believes them. Finally, they get their significant other to look in the binoculars and they too see Superman flying in the window. Now they are both obsessed with the neighbor across the street. From that point on things escalate to breaking into Lois’ apartment and no one else believing them.


That’s a pretty interesting idea.


Are we allowed to submit Fan Fiction? The wording in the community guidelines on creating new storylines throws me off. I have a story I have been working on for some time and one day when I finish I’d like to share it on here for people who care about the DC Universe and the worlds within.

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Near as I know, you can, but it then legally belongs to DC and not to you.

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Oh yea totally. Well, that makes me a little more motivated to finish it. What’s the point of creating a story if no one can share in it?

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