Ideas for a new DC animated series.

While watching the third season of Young Justice I saw an episode that gave us a much too brief look at the bat Family, or at least Robin, Spoiler and Orphan. In my opinion an animated series with the Bat Family would be awesome. What sort of new animated series would you like to see?

I would watch that. That being said - I love Batman but I feel for the folks who want some focus for other characters. There’s a lot of Batman stuff already. I’ve been wanting a show featuring some magic characters. Or just, something we haven’t seen before would be nice.


Yes, I know I use this answer a lot, but when it comes to animation the lack of shows starring him is especially egregious.
He’s a kid who turns into a superhero who’s best friends with a talking tiger, mentored by a ghost wizard, and whose enemies include a talking telepathic worm. Why HASNT he had a cartoon series since the 1980s??


Batman beyond reboot