Id rather

Id rather watch DC Universe with ads rather then pay a $75 annual fee just to watch or read comics.

Ooh! This is fun! Let me try! Let me try!

I’d rather pay $75 a year to read an unlimited number of comics than pay $120+ a year buying a limited number of select digital trades on Comixology (and having to wait for the sales)!


Yes. But its still exspensive for us low-incomes not beng able to afford a membership like Xbox or PSN or some other high-paying membership. Like i can get xbl for $60 and still have enough for a dlc package of 10 cars for Rocket League.

I’ve also been trying to reduce the amount of money I spend on stuff, but honestly… it’s $6.25 a month. I pay more for both of the other subscription services I use. Everyone has to make a decision about what kind of entertainment they can afford. I think DCU is very affordable. Maybe someday they will have different tiers of membership.

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