I'd like to see them bring back Constantine

I loved the Constantine show when it first aired and was not happy when it was cancelled, even more so when it left off with a major cliff hanger, i would love to see it picked back up as dc’s original content, and not as a reboot but picked up where the original left off.



Agreed, he is wasted as a character in the CW universe.

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Agreed, as long as David Goyer resumes his position and the new season has no connection to the arrow shows.

Restarting the Constantine series would be great. I’m not much for the rest of the DC TV selections, but I’m also not much of a TV watcher. Constantine was really good and a show that I made sure to dvr every week. Love for DC to bring it back.

Yes please please do this!!

Yea bring him on after swamp thing, eventually make a justice league dark