Iceberg Lounge Raided By The Fuzz!

I think we got the last of the coppers from out of our hair, so we’ll be re-opening the Lounge. Please let us know here if you run into any stray flatfoots!


I am not quite sure if the locks on the place are working correctly. At least one person has recently said that they got in but didn’t think they should have been able to. Myself, possibly, too, for that matter but let’s not discuss that :wink: .


I think I see Gordon’s back.


This might explain what you experienced earlier today


I shoulda just asked Ivy. Dat dame is da best, ya know?


Are we able to get into the lounge? I keep getting going in circles trying to get in. Also, I’ve been MIA for quite a while and found my way back into the DCU just yesterday. Seeing where everything is with all the new places is quite daunting and perhaps I am just lost and not finding the way.


It’s not quite clear to me how this is supposed to work. From all I can understand I should match all requirements except for the password to the bouncer. The whisper link isn’t working and direct messaging the bouncer does nothing.
Maybe the weekly cut off was in the middle of the week or something so the stats under my summary should be split in half, but if so, it would be helpful with a weekly progress tracker so I know when to whisper.


It says I should be level 3 according to notifications…but my profile is still showing level 2. I’ve sent the password multiple times.


Oy! Looks like those flatfoots found a stoolie to help them sneak back in last night, but our security shut the place down. Now we’ve got them swarming all over the place like ants at a picnic. I sure do hate uninvited guests. :neutral_face:

Penguin and I are working out a “special” surprise for them, but it’s taking a bit to pull together since Penguin has this delusional idea that he’s in charge.

I’ll let you lovely people know as soon as we get rid of our pest problem and finish “fumigating” our beautiful Iceberg Lounge.

Oops, gotta run, Penguin is talking about fish again. sigh


Aaaaannndd…welcome to work!


make sure you let Penguin know that you have as much respect (DCU Community) and say in the plan as him. U’ll figure this out!


Hey everyone - if you’re looking for a good time, my pal, MissInkBlot, is having a raging WAL for her FCF people! Everyone should go join her!

FCF Art Academy Watch-Along: Art Baltazar & Franco, FRIDAY, OCT 25th @ 9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST


Same here! It says I’ve earned the ‘Hero’ badge, but my profile still says ‘Beginning Hero’. :flash_hv_4::thinking:


I’m assuming you guys are already on it but I also have a notification about the level 3 badge without it saying I have the badge or access to the VIP Lounge. The update looks really great though and I can’t wait until all the wrinkles are ironed out


Alright, folks! I sent the Penguin on a Fool’s errand and got this place “fumigated” myself. I mean, hey - a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do sometimes.

We’re starting to let people back into the Lounge now, but if you still can’t find the secret entrance, let us know and we’ll make sure to get your name back on the list.

Hopefully, this took care of those pesky pests once and for all, but you know how it is, bad pennies and all!