I would pay double the current Subscription Price for "DC Unlimited"

I saw others posting that they would pay double the current price of DC Universe for a “DC Unlimited” that is just like “Marvel Unlimited” where you can read all back issues except for the past 6 months of Comics.

And I want to add my voice to that by saying I would pay $16 or even $20 a month for this service.

How about the rest of you?


DC Universe already costs more than Marvel Unlimited and the Marvel movies and shows portion of Netflix. Why should DC fans have to pay more?

Marvel Unlimited is $9.99 a month, DC Universe is $7.99 a month. You only save if you buy yearly of Marvel Unlimited and again that is comics only. DC Universe is comics, movies, and shows. I’m sure Marvel Unlimited didn’t have that many comics when it first launched.

Yet again, the “Marvel started small, too” argument might be valid if DC’s Support FAQs didn’t currently say the selection will rotate instead of expanding, staying at approximately the current size.

As someone who paid for the full year, I am comparing it to Marvel’s price for the same.

As for the video content, I realize this is a personal bias, but the comics were the only part of this I cared about. Adding other services I do not want while withholding the one thing I actually want (DC’s version of MU) means nothing to me.

Agreed with the OP that I want said service enough to pay more for it than Marvel is charging, even if that seems unfair.

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DCU is $75/year
MU is $69/year
Netflix portion of Marvel movies and shows is about $6/year (Marvel costs 4% of Netflix budget, $6 = 4% of a year of Netflix Premium membership)

Marvel started small, but that’s because their library wasn’t digitized back then. DCs library is digitized they just want to keep it from us in a greedy money grab.


If that mean Vertigo too, then yes I would. But I feel ripped off right now.

Dont like it. Leave. Simple as that.

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Yeah let me just get my pre-order refund and then I’ll leave with everyone else who’s already left. :wink:


So would anyone marvel unlimited is $10 a month genius

I predict a future premium option that allows a “DC Unlimited” type deal. We all know the original programming is not gonna keep this service alive.

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I definitely would, as the service stands now, once my year is done as am I… I’ve been a marvel unlimited member for almost 5 years.

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