I would love a deathstroke kills the dc universe series

Over at marvel they had Deadpool kills the marvel universe and it would be so dope to have deathstroke kills the dc universe! Anybody else?

Over at Marvel they also had a Punisher Kills long before they had a Deadpool kills, and a Deadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool v Deadpool, AND two Deadpool v Punishers, AND a second Deadpool Kills. The vast majority of these aren’t any good, and the idea of copying the format but replacing the character seems like a horrible idea, especially with somebody who would have as little reason as Deathstroke.


I think the Deadpool Killogy works as well as it does because he’s become such a weird character. Deathstroke is more of a serious villain/anti-hero. The ideal characters to use in that type of story would be either Harley Quinn or Lobo.

Yeah deathstroke and Deadpool are completely different other than their costumes

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In response to TheDemonEtrigan, I’d still argue 1/3 - 2/3 is all that works in the Killogy, as by DPvDP they had become so convoluted and redundant that the whole book is a slog.

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No thanks.

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