I went the Swamp Thing preview and it was awesome!

So I was fortunate enough to go to the preview on Friday. I won the contest in the ‘news’ section and took my daughter.

I had a wonderful time, and wanted to thank DC.

We got to have a panel discussion with the cast and then they showed us Episode 2!


Great time.

It is HORROR. Make no mistake. This is a horror movie. Creeps, jump guts, gore. The director mentioned that parts of it could be rated R.

It seemed like it.

The cast is great and their are so many little things tucked into every scene and every character.

The cast is for real.

I am shocked that the quality of the three DC shows has been so high, considering they are streaming on a focused platform like this. The cast and production values of Swamp Thing are totally pro and would be at home on any network.

Can’t wait for more!


Why episode two and not one?

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Sorry, if I was unclear.
-We saw episode 1.
-Discussion group with cast, director, and showrunner.
-Then {Bonus} episode 2 was shown to us.
-Food truck I didn’t want to wait in line for, but they bought a full meal for everyone from the Habit, so it was a class deal all the way around.

The director warned us that Episode 2 wasn’t technically all there yet, but it was almost unnoticeable from the first Episode. Both episodes were great. So much story and horror so fast. Name dropping and drop ins all over the place. Quite interesting possible super back ups appear to be in play in this narrative as well. I didn’t know about that before hand.


That sounds like a very fun event


Swamp Thing and daughter time, sounds like a great combo



Here is the link to the DCU article.


It was a phenomenal time! Top of my life list for sure! I am so excited for May 31st to be here! :seedling: I am so thankful that I got to go! Would do it again & again & again! One of my best decisions was entering & going. I am in Illinois so it was quite the Big Adventure for me! Did I mention I want to do that again! So Phenomenal! Just words escape me! :seedling: Chants… SwampThing :seedling: SwampThing :seedling: SwampThing :seedling:

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Thanks for coming to share your experience with us, @theharangue.11429! A few of us community members were there nomming on burgers together- I was taking tickets, I may have even checked you in!

I loved seeing how excited Derek Mears was. He’s completely in love with the role and you can tell from how he speaks about it. I saw Andy Bean outside and was too nervous to say “hi”, which I deeply regret now! He did an amazing job as Alec Holland.

Hope to keep seeing you around the forums. We’ll be having lots of discussions around Swamp Thing, as well as community Watch-Alongs (Where we all watch and react together at the same time). Would be great to keep hearing your thoughts!

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